Jack Hooper drops super indie pop jam ‘Getting No Place Fast’

Hooper is vocal about mental health and has included it as a major part of all his releases. He's always been open about it.
1 March 2023

The second song from Respair – out March 24th via Folklore Records – Jacko Hooper‘s debut album, is Getting No Place Fast and it’s definitely worth a listen. Getting No Place Fast is the perfect combination between alt-folk and retro pop rock, making it a super indie pop single, it has all the elements you’d expect from a great song.

The new single comes with a mesmerizing video featuring ‘Jerry’, brought to life by Matt Rudkin and shot, directed and edited by Ben Hardy, with the artistic direction by Jacko Hooper.

2020 was an eye-opening year for us all, but for Hooper it had a more intense effect. He faced a mental health crisis that caused him to completely rethink the way he lived his life and try to get back on track.

Hooper is vocal about mental health and has included it as a major part of all his releases. He’s always been open about it. The impact of the experience left him needing to tell its story through this single and the forthcoming album, so he could fully come to terms with it and ultimately move on.

Jacko Hooper’s song Getting No Place Fast is a fantastic intro to his first album Respair. It’s so real and truthful, and’ll take you on an awesome sonic journey.

Rebecca Brandler’s vocals are noteworthy, Joe Hall is banging it out on the drums and Tommy Peach adds a bit of trumpet — all coming together to create something awesome. Jacko Hooper composed all his music from the comfort of his own home studio – recording and writing most of his album there.

The record features some of Jacko Hooper’s closest pals, including Tom Misch on strings and saxophone, Chris Matthewson (Bess Atwell) in a duet with Edie Bens (Glassnote Records), and was mixed together by Hooper’s close friend and collaborator Josh Trinnaman .

Since 2010, Jacko Hooper’s musical repertoire includes collaborations, performances and releases with artists like Bastille, Michael Kiwanuka, Chet Faker, James Bay, Kiefer Sutherland, James Blunt and Passenger. He has also worked with Freya Ridings and Bess Atwell along with many others.

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