Jack Dawkins’ ‘Won’t Be Stopped’ has a strong combination of rap, EDM and punk

With all the swagger and confidence you'd expect from someone trying to make their mark, Won't Be Stopped starts off the album
10 August 2023

Meet Jack Dawkins, the ultimate combo of a rapper and storyteller. When you see him perform, it’s like something magical happens. When it comes to words, he has that special touch.

The talented and groundbreaking artist, is releasing his highly anticipated debut album Integration on November 2nd. Straight from Boulder, Colorado, he has released the single Won’t Be Stopped.

The electrifying tune is an absolute banger that you need to add to your summer workout playlist ASAP. Won’t Be Stopped is a pretty strong blend of rap, EDM and punk that creates a completely immersive musical experience. It demands our full attention from the start.

With all the swagger and confidence you’d expect from someone trying to make their mark, Won’t Be Stopped starts off the album.

I’m so proud of this whole project, and Won’t Be Stopped is the best way to introduce people to it” – Jack mentioned in a recent interview – “Not only does it hit so good, but it queues up the beginning of the narrative arc that weaves through the entire album.”

The album Integration tells the beautiful and direct history of his journey to find his own voice and his place in the hip-hop universe.

But as you jam out to the album, Dawkins really wants you to see that he’s not just about catchy tunes.

Dawkins reveals: “Lest it go without saying, this whole project doesn’t happen without the support of so many people here in Colorado. I was insanely lucky to find a team and a group of collaborators who immediately understood the vision and challenged me to bring it to life. I set out to make something that would bring eyeballs to this city, and I believe with my whole heart that we did it.”

Jack Dawkins‘ music ethos is all about personal growth and being true to yourself. His bright creativity, unwavering dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence make him an artist to watch closely.