J Lym drops thought-provoking track ‘Empty’

''Empty is about a bird set free , a cage left behind, and a feather being torn from the wings, finding its own way to fall.’’
12th December 2023

Empty is the latest release from Boston-based singer-songwriter J Lym. This track is one of his first releases since he dropped his EP, How to Say Goodbye to Memories, in 2021. Since ending his musical hiatus earlier this year with the intriguing single Ride, J Lym has been rolling out fresh music and exciting ideas, each more thought-provoking than the last.

J Lym, or Jimmy Lim as he’s also known, puts his all into everything he does, and is an impressively well-rounded independent artist. The ideas are all his own and the lyrics are all penned by him. He builds his stories with innovative methods, such as recording acoustic found sounds, in this case from the city of Jakarta. As he is also a talented producer, each element is then carefully pieced together by J in the production process. 

With Empty, J has created a slow-burning electronic track with a darker edge and sprinkled into the soundscape are those evocative found sounds. We hear snippets of what sounds like children’s laughter, street sounds, and the general rumbling of the city of Jakarta as J weaves his voice around the array of sounds, supported by a symphony of synthesisers and bass. The dark, grungy electronic production on the track brings to mind a world of dystopian proportions, a Blade Runner-esque virtual world created through J’s sound alone.

”Empty is about a bird set free , a cage left behind, and a feather being torn from the wings, finding its own way to fall.’’

J describes the meaning of the track as ”the capturing of essence that all of our minds were given and the effort of running away from it is futile.’’ J’s devotion to his craft and his penchant for vivid storytelling all play a huge part in making this track work. The unusual but effective method of including found sounds from a bustling, lively city like Jakarta lends the track a sharp sense of vibrancy and aids in the world-building quality of J’s music. The lyrics of the song are largely made up of the simple repeating of the phrase; ‘’You left me empty’’; it is up to the listener to assign meaning, interpret and relate to it in their own way, and this encourages a feeling of deep thought and reflection in the listener as you slip into J’s world. 

 A talented writer, singer and producer, J Lym is a young artist with so much to offer the indie scene and is undeniably one to look out for as he grows his discography and develops his sound. Check out Empty on streaming platforms today, and keep up with J Lym on his socials for any future releases.