J.K.B reveals his melancholy and hopeful look with the new song ‘RUN’

“It's about learning to value yourself and not accept being treated like shit"
1 February 2023

J.K.B (Joe Khalique-Brown) begins the new year in style – he just dropped his new single RUN. This compelling bittersweet song has a really special feel, both melancholy and hopeful; RUN allows us to get an honest perspective on a man who’s experienced mistreatment in a relationship and his process of acceptance and offers a real glimpse into his life.

With the new single J.K.B wanted to emphasize how men may be hesitant to speak up about any troubles they might have, but it’s okay and there isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

J.K.B. talked about his motivation for writing the song: RUN is about learning to value yourself and not accept being treated like shit. For me, it’s a proud moment because it shows me how far I’ve developed in terms of my self-image and affirms to myself that I deserve to be loved and to be happy.”

Around the early 2010s, J.K.B (Joe Khalique-Brown) drew a lot of inspiration from Birmingham-based indie bands like Peace and JAWS. He says this music has impacted his own sound and style a lot.

J.K.B , originally from Birmingham, is a singer/songwriter and producer that now lives in London. He’s a master beatmaker and songwriter, the pandemic brought him to pick up his guitar and piano again, after spending years creating electronic or hip-hop music.

J.K.B’s music style has a mix of influences from Elliot Smith, King Krule, electronic and rap music. He takes all of these elements and brings them together to make something totally fresh.

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