Izzard Wasn’t Always A Great Comedian Says Pal Jo Brand

WACKY comedian Eddie Izzard may be one of the UK’s most successful comedians having also managed to break America in recent years but according to his comedy pal Jo Brand he wasn’t always so good.

Jo said Eddie, who grew up in County Down, was so rubbish in his early days that he struggled to get audiences and other comedians on the stand-up circuit even felt sorry for him.

Izzard and Brand

Eddie, now a comic-turned-actor recently starred alongside Tom Cruise in World War II drama Valkyrie first found fame with his comedy routines in the U.K.

But Brand insists he was so bad when he first started, his fellow comedians pitied him – until he finally proved them wrong.

In her new autobiography, Look Back In Hunger, she said: “Eddie Izzard was absolutely terrible when he started, just not funny. It became a standing joke: ‘Eddie’s died again’.

“One night at the Red Rose Labour Club we were steeling ourselves for Eddie to have another nightmare, feeling sorry for him because we all liked him, and out of the blue he stormed. The crowd went mental, gave him an encore, and he never looked back.”
By Tina Calder