Photo by Cassandra Shier

Ivan Hartle’s sonic passage: Revealing the debut album ‘A Place to Stay’

"Obviously life is very nuanced and circumstantial, but sometimes the act of looking deeply within yourself can reveal an answer to a problem"
21 December 2023

Entering the music stage with great anticipation, Vancouver-based artist Ivan Hartle unveils his debut album, A Place to Stay. With roots in Vancouver, Hartle masterfully weaves together elements of retro soul, jazz, and blues to create a vintage sonic aesthetic seamlessly blended with contemporary sensibilities.

A Place to Stay, a 10-track delight, serves as a sonic exploration into the realms of personal relationships, love, hardships, and human connection. Rooted in introspection, Hartle draws inspiration from his own life experiences and the world around him, resulting in a meticulously crafted collection of tracks developed over the span of several years.

Reflecting on the album, Ivan Hartle shares, “Obviously life is very nuanced and circumstantial, but sometimes the act of looking deeply within yourself can reveal an answer to a problem. For example, in the song ‘Set Me Free,’ I write about feeling lost or seeking help externally, but a line that I really connected with suggests ‘maybe it’s there in my reverie…maybe I’m unaware that it’s all in me.'”

Photo by Cassandra Shier

The lead single, Love in the Lead, exemplifies Hartle’s distinctive writing style. The track delves into the fundamental question of whether love can prevail over destructive human traits such as greed, jealousy, and hate.

Hailing from Vancouver, Ivan Hartle’s bluesy, soul singer-songwriter stylings draw from classic influences like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding to contemporary artists such as John Mayer, Amos Lee, and Leon Bridges. Known for his memorable live performances characterized by melodic grooves and powerful, soulful vocals, Hartle has rapidly ascended in the Vancouver music scene since releasing music in 2019.

Having graced notable festival line-ups, including Rifflandia, North Vancouver Shipyards Festival, and the Surrey Fusion Festival, Hartle’s career highlights encompass touring Western Canada, opening for Jon and Roy, and headlining the McPherson Theatre in Victoria in 2022. His national recognition includes support from CBC radio and NPO Radio 2 (Netherlands), along with features in prominent outlets like DailyHive, Global News TV, and The Province.

With well over a million streams on Spotify and previous singles gaining significant traction, such as ‘Feelin’ Like’ (680k+ streams), ‘Love in the Lead’ (150k+ streams), and ‘Shine’ (90k+ streams), Ivan Hartle is poised for a triumphant new chapter with the release of A Place to Stay. Celebrating this milestone, he will host an album release party on January 6th at the Cobalt in Vancouver, promising to kick off the new year with an electrifying celebration of his soulful musical journey.