With ‘It’s So Quiet But I Hear You’, Giora unveils a world of timeless change

"I experience time as a non-linear, malleable thing, because change is time. And with time being infinite, so is change. Let it be a positive change"
24th November 2023

Steering through the vibrant expanse of experimental pop, Giora emerges as a trailblazer, poised to reveal their long-anticipated debut album, titled It’s So Quiet But I Hear You. A virtuoso in blending futuristic soundscapes with classical nuances, Giora crafts a mesmerizing tapestry of sonic exploration across the ten tracks that make up this thought-provoking album.

The journey into It’s So Quiet But I Hear You began with the release of singles like Tell Me, Chrch, and Pray, each providing a glimpse into Giora’s evolving sonic landscape. Now, the debut album introduces seven new tracks, offering a profound narrative that delves into social commentaries and personal transformation.

Still Reborn emerges as a pulsating anthem, fuelled by dynamic beats and a vibrant bassline, showcasing Giora’s ability to infuse energy into their creations. On the softer side, Hiding From The Moon takes avant-garde elements and intertwines them with introspective lyricism, creating a delicate balance of vulnerability and innovation.

Giora, both the architect and muse of this sonic story, shares insights into the album’s genesis, describing it as a moment to leave the past behind and embrace new beginnings. In Giora’s words, “The album is my moment to leave the past behind and set the stage for something new, in it I wanted to conclude my grief, write hymns to the past, challenge existing mythologies, narratives and truths that formed reality, and in the silence I connected with higher truths that are devoid of the stories that have been used to deliver them. ​This album documents the journey of change, it is an ending and a beginning, a death and a rebirth.”

The artist encourages listeners to explore their own sense of freedom and embrace positive ​​move saying: “I experience time as a non-linear, malleable thing, because change is time. And with time being infinite, so is change. Let it be a positive change.”

The focus track, Enter Eden, exemplifies Giora’s prowess in crafting cinematic and immersive experiences. Featuring innovative synths, classical piano riffs, and an explosively infectious chorus, the song reflects Giora’s personal journey of self-love and acceptance. Addressing issues of body dysphoria and dysmorphia, Giora’s empowering message shines through, declaring, “I am in charge!”

Giora’s background in piano, coupled with their role as a self-taught producer, allows them to seamlessly blend experimental pop and classical composition. Their debut EP, Safe in the Dark, released in 2020, set the stage for their musical trajectory. Recent singles like Tell Me, Chrch, and Pray garnered critical acclaim, solidifying Giora’s position as a boundary-pushing artist.

Giora will be supporting the project with an album release show on December 6th at The Glory, London. With this debut album, Giora invites listeners into a world where time is non-linear, change is infinite, and the music resonates as an affirmation of self-discovery and empowerment. 


Credits: Rafail Souliotis (Photographer), Evelyn Bencicova (Editor), Kristyna Kulikova (Graphics), Nasia Sydeta (Stylist), Giorgos Kaisaris (Hair), Giora (Creative Director)