It’s A Soulful, Deep & Emotive New Piece

Palmaria have a unique ability with their music to take listeners away with them. Their serene and seductive alt-pop, soul fusion automatically brings the listener to another world. The new single Lluvia showcases this perfectly, with stunning production and songwriting guile, mastered at Abbey Road Studios. 

Living in Italy throughout the pandemic, the talented duo are now back in the UK to push their distinct brand of alt-pop through the summer months in the UK. Speaking on the new single, the duo state:

“‘Lluvia’ is a story about rebirth,” says the pair. “More than ever, we need to rely on ourselves to use our vulnerability to create something valuable, pick up the pieces and start over. When we stop putting pressure on ourselves and we focus on what’s really important, we can reverse the rain and find renewed energy to move forward.”