Italian duo Abisso capture beauty and elegance in its simplicity with Son of Abyss

"We would like people to grasp the beauty and importance of remembering themselves"
7 July 2022

By Frank Bell

Abisso is an Italian artistic duo composed of EryaV & D’avy. Son of Abyss is a beautifully haunting album that contains some darkly emotional and opulent cinematic songs. Though it’s 10 songs long, the whole project feels like a complete idea that flows really well. It really helps you get into this “concept album” mindset.

The release and image are strikingly rich, with a multitude of meanings. It captures beauty and elegance in its simplicity and excellence as well as holding many powerful sounds, rich with emotion and visual impact.

From the start, it seems like this project is more than just creating content- it’s a bridge to an alternate universe. The poetic message sent off by the text and photography together, suggests something from a different world.

We decided to ask a couple of questions about their new release.

Where do you think your music fits in today’s world?

Our music could be inserted in any dark type context; it is certainly more suitable for a cinematic context, but it could also reconcile sleep (a particular sleep, of course) and amplify senses, as well as the emotional field.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

Among other things, we would like people to grasp the beauty and importance of remembering themselves, imbued with the entire emotional spectrum that they often carry like a bundle that doesn’t belong to them. However, since everyone’s perception and processing differ, everyone will interpret in their own way what they see/observe, listen/hear and feel.

“Abisso “: the unknown that seduces. A coded message?