It’s an Affecting Piece of Dark-Pop from the Netherlands Artist

By Monibell

Netherlands-based songwriting duo ISLE return this March with Louder, one of their most daring productions to date. Primal and affecting in its arrangement, ‘Louder’ is the first track the duo have created that relies on emphatic production and haunting rhythms as the foundation. Touching on elements of folk and dark pop, it’s a sinful release full of exquisite details. 

Louder is a song about desire, sensuality, and seduction. We sometimes long for things that are unhealthy for us, but it can be hard to ignore the strong emotions or urges that come with it. Sometimes they call. Louder.”

One of the most exciting new artists coming out of Europe at the moment, ISLE are making a claim across the continent as one of the most unique and innovative new artists around.