Island Moons drops the contemplative track ‘Jupiter on a Key Ring’

"Like a distant cousin to Bowie’s 'Space Oddity,' it drives at how one would view the world from afar"
3 October 2023

In the heart of New York City, amidst the hushed streets of a global pandemic, Brandon Harwood, now reborn as the artist Island Moons, stumbled upon his artistic destiny. Immersed in a haunting quietude, encircled solely by the imminent emergence of fresh beginnings, a wave of inspiration flowed within him, giving rise to a novel expression manifested in both melody and verse.

Island Moons fourth single, Jupiter on a Key Ring, defies categorization, blending psychedelic, folk, indie pop, and rock elements with a tonal nod to The Beatles. Harwood‘s pop-infused melodies and astute lyricism make it a contemplative offering, a fresh perspective on societal issues. It encapsulates the vastness of Jupiter and our cosmic insignificance, juxtaposed with a distant critique of society.

Harwood elaborates: “The main premise of the song, as the title suggests, considers the hypothetical situation that the speaker is able to have the entire solar system within their grasp and view. Like a distant cousin to Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity,’ it drives at how one would view the world from afar. It hums with playfulness amidst flashes of optimism, especially as gentle arpeggios tickle the ears and the bridge culminates with an innate perspective of connection.”

Island Moons‘ musical creations not only captivate the mind and comfort the soul, but also resonate with a innate spirit and tranquil essence that runs beneath the sonic waves. This profound musical experience is driven by two decades of dedicated and creative songwriting history.

Jupiter on a Key Ring is Island Moons‘ cosmic exploration marked by lightness, individuality, and a profound respect for the art form’s pioneers. His impressionistic lyrics, romantic harmonies, and crisp compositions create a style evoking past generations while remaining entirely original.