IsCisco 200-125 Certification Exam Worth Your Attention?


Cisco is a technology-based company highly recognized for its networking products. It is also known for its leading certificates and exams offered to thoseindividuals who wish to attain networking skills. The Ciscocertification program coversfive levels. They areentry, associate, professional, expert, and architect. Each of them requiresthe candidatesto passthe relevant exam(s). One of the tests offered at the associate level is Cisco CCNA Dumps Questions 200-301, which leads to the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Routing and Switching credential. This article is going to focus on the details of this exam and also on whether it’s worth taking.

What Are Details of Cisco 200-125 Exam?

You’re going to come across 60-70 questions in your Cisco 200-125 exam. These questions are available in English and Japanese. They may include multiple choice, drag and drop, simulation, teslets, fill-in-the-blank, and sim lets. You will have 90 minutes. You can check out the tutorial for more details. Before taking your certification test, you have to register with Pearson VUE and pay the exam fee.

What Skills Does Cisco 200-125 Exam Measure?

Before preparing for your exam, it’s always important to begin with this first step of knowing the skills that the test is expected to measure. In other words, you have to know the examobjectives. This will guide you in selecting the type of study materials to use. It will also help you know which topics and concepts you have to cover. Here are the skills measured by this CCNA exam:

  • Network fundamentals
  • LAN and WAN technologies
  • IPv4 & IPv6 routing technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Infrastructure security

It’s recommended that you have some basic networking knowledge before you take this certification exam. One of the best ways to acquire these skills is starting with the CCENT credential.

Is Cisco 200-125 Exam Worth It?

If you’re one of those IT professionals who want to stand out with their skills, then this exam is right for you. The approach that Cisco uses while preparing the candidates for itstests is unique as it ensures that they come out all-rounded and ready for the job market. This is why itscertifications have remained popular among the IT specialistsand employers. Is the Cisco 200-125 exam worth taking? The answer is yes. And here are the reasons:

  1. Your Certification Will Be Recognized Everywhere.

Cisco is a global company that is well-accepted across the IT industry for itscutting-edge networking products and certifications. This means that by earning the CCNA R&S credential, you’ll be recognized by the colleagues and employers wherever you go.

  1. Cisco CCNA R&S Certification Means Efficiency.

By passing your Cisco exam, you’re going to attain the credential that will stand as a proof of efficiency. The quality skills that you attain will help you perform optimally. You’ll become a dependable and trusted employee. 

  1. You’ll Attain Quality Networking Skills.

As you prepare for your exam, you’re going to study the required topics using various study methods. These include Cisco 200-125 training courses, study books, practice tests from PrepAway, and hands-on labs. These methods will help you attain knowledge and skills that will make you an expert. The hands-on labs will go a long way in ensuring that you understand and can carry out real world tasks. By taking this certification test, you’re going to attain quality skills that you’ll require in performing your duties at work.

  1. You’ll Have Increased Job Opportunities.

It’s easier to find a job when you have a certification in routing and switching. Your CCNA R&S credential will prove to the potential employers that you have the skills that they can utilise in their businesses. Earning this certificate is the first step towards getting a good networking job in a great organization. Some of the job titles for this CCNA certification include a network administrator, a system administrator, a network operations engineer, and a network analyst.

  1. Cisco CCNA R&S Certification Is a Pathway to Career Advancement.

With this Cisco credential, possibilities are endless. The certification gives you room to advance to other relatedcertificates. In this case, once you earn CCNA R&S, your next step should be CCNP R&S. This will mean even more opportunities for employment and growth.

  1. You’ll Have Better Earning Potential.

By taking the 200-125 exam and passing it, you’ll have an opportunity to find a job that pays you well. Your level of skills and the certification will give you an advantage of earning better than those who aren’t certified. According to PayScale, the networking professionals with the Cisco associate-level certificates can earn an average annual salary of $76,000.

Top Resources to Prepare for Cisco 200-125 Exam

Here are some of the best resources that you can use to guarantee great results in your Cisco 200-125 test:

  • CCNAX Classroom Training
  • Cisco E-Learning Labs for ICND1 and ICND2
  • Hands-on labs such as Cisco Modelling Labs
  • Study Groups for CCNA Routing and Switching
  • Cisco 200-125 Certification Practice Tests from PrepAway

Cisco 200-125 Exam Retirement 

Cisco has announced its plan to retire a number of exams and certifications in early 2020. This particular Cisco 200-125 test is set to retire on February 23, 2020. However, the candidates are allowed to prepare and take this exam now. If you attain your CCNA R&S certification before this retirement date, you’re going to automatically receive credits for what you’ve already achieved. Hence, you have no need to worry about what’s going to happen to your credential when the new changes take effect. Remember that you’d still be required to recertify. If you earn your certificate with the existing test, you’ll need to pass a new exam version once your certification expires.

Final Thoughts

Taking and passing the Cisco 200-125 exam is one of the great ways to make your IT career flourish. It offers you great opportunities that will boost your networking career by taking it to another level. Receiving unique skills, getting a well-paying job and the ability to advance to higher credentials are some of the reasons that make this certification test worth your time and commitment. Going for it would be such a great decision!