Is This The Tech Every New Car Should Now Have?

By Frank Bell

Drivers interested in purchasing a new vehicle this year have a variety of important choices to consider. Some will lean towards a particular brand or model of vehicle while others will look at style and power of different designs. However, the most important choice is always going to be the tech a car can offer a driver. The right tech can provide a comfortable and safer experience on the road. These are the key pieces of tech that should be standard in every new car purchase today. 

Tyre Warning Systems 

First, it is important to consider one of the most common reasons why people crash or experience accidents in vehicles on the road. When exploring the latest statistics, it’s clear that issues with the tyres is still one of the most common causes of collisions. Indeed, if tyres don’t have the right level of air pressure or the tread is not at the right point, then grip is significantly reduced. This causes dramatic changes to handling and can result in stopping times as well in an emergency situation. 

That’s why it’s important for drivers to lean towards purchasing a vehicle that includes the latest tyre warning systems. Modern cars should tell you when you need to explore new wheels and tyre packages or simply add more air to your tyres. Some modern vehicles are even capable of temporarily fixing a puncture in a tyre until you can take the steps to take it repaired the right way. 

Voice Control Technology 

Another key piece of tech to consider would be voice control technology. Research shows that voice control is now the primary system used for a range of tasks when operating a vehicle. With voice control technology it is possible to keep both hands on the wheel at all times and still get the best driving experience possible. 

Some vehicles do now also include motion responses too. This allows you to control different elements of the vehicle, simply by moving a finger or waving your hand in the air. However, many experts agree that while this is an impressive tech feat, standard voice control systems are far less of a distraction. 

Built In Sat-Nav

Satellite navigation systems are not a new form of technology. However, over the past few years, it has become more common for this tech to be built into a vehicle as part of an entertainment and display system. That’s important as it does remove one more distraction that drivers often have when they are on the road. With a built-in sat nav, drivers no longer need to worry about setting up their map or pulling over to check where they are. Instead, getting from point A to point B and stopping at point C is no issue. 

Some forms of this technology are again more advanced. For instance, it is possible for systems these days to alert drivers about changes to traffic levels. This can help reduce problems with congestion and keep the roads clear by leading drivers down different routes. Other systems will alert drivers of traffic cameras and ensure that they are aware of potential hazards on the roads. This is just one more way that modern car tech is able to keep drivers safe and ensure that they can potentially avoid accidents and incidents that used to be impossible to foresee or prevent. 

Some Form Of Driver Assistance

Driver assistance technology is still a relatively new concept for the industry. Most cars that are released on the market still do not have the most advanced form of this tech available. However, cars purchased today should have some form of driver assistance built in to support those behind the wheel. This technology can take a variety of different forms. 

For instance, it’s possible for a car to simply alert a driver when they are too near to another vehicle on the road. A more advanced form of this tech will ensure that the car takes preventive action, slowing down the vehicle to avoid the possibility of a collision. Similarly, certain cars can now warn a driver if they are crossing the white lines and are showing signs that they are driving while experiencing fatigue. Other vehicles are now capable of keeping a car within the white lines and adjusting the driving choices to ensure that the passengers within the car remain safe. At the very least, cars being released on the market should now have alert systems for keeping drivers safe. This should be a minimum requirement for owners considering purchasing a new vehicle. 

Car Cameras

Finally, it’s vital these days for vehicles to have built in camera systems. There is no doubt that these make roads safer for all road users. With the use of a back camera, it’s far easier for drivers to reverse and ensure that they are not at risk of hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle. They provide a clear image that a driver can use when completing a maneuver like this. As with all tech options for vehicles, some cameras are more advanced than others with many interacting with autonomous control systems. However, they all provide additional benefits. 

A key reason that all cars should have built-in cameras is to tackle the issue of fault. Every year, there are countless accidents and incidents on the roads. In most situations, it’s not clear who is at fault and who caused the accident. With cameras, it’s possible to ensure that the situation is kept clear and that cases are dealt with in a way that is far more fair. Cars can also be modified to include cameras and this has been a popular choice for drivers over the last few years. 

It’s clear that there is a variety of different forms of technology that is now available and readily accessible for drivers and those interested in purchasing a new vehicle. By being aware of the latest tech, it’s possible for drivers to ensure that they are taking the steps to ensure the safety of themselves and all road users.