x factor
By Andrea Clarke
IRISH X Factor judge Louis Walsh has revealed he doesn’t want to mentor the new under 16 because of pushy parents.

The County Mayo pop manager, who was recently reinstated as judge on the hit TV talent show after being sacked, thinks the young category is “uncomfortable viewing”.
He said: “It’s uncomfortable viewing.  And I think it’s uncomfortable to imagine all those parents pushing their kids to do it.
“We’re going to have young kids on The X Factor now.  All I hope is that I don’t get them to manage.
“Just don’t f***ing give me the kids!  I’d rather have the groups.  I think Sharon should get them”.
Tensions have been running high throughout the audition process and the music mogul has already incurred the wrath of new judge Dannii Minogue.
The singer blasted Louis for saying her sister Kylie can’t sing.
She said: “I’m gonna grab Louis by the neck, drag him off to her next gig and ask how many people he knows who can sing every note in tune for two hours”.