Irish Songwriter DYLAN CRAMPTON Shares Pensive EP WHEN I’M SAD

Inspired by legendary songwriters such as Tom Petty, Paul McCartney and Steve Earle, Irish songwriter Dylan Crampton is building a musical career on solid foundations. Since emerging onto the scene around 2018, his nuanced and unique songwriting ability has earnt him support on national radio in Ireland. His two singles Sugar and Mr Jimmy went on to support on RTE Recommends and he’s now looking to build a reputation outside of his home country. 

Curiously, Dylan records all of his music at home using a Windows 98 system. Looking to re-create the DIY, old-School aesthetic his musician parents recorded on. He debuted the new EP earlier this year with When I’m Sad. The track takes on new meaning in a difficult time worldwide and it serves as an indicator for the vibe of the whole EP.

Talking on the new EP he states “Music gets me through a lot of things in life, be they good, bad or indifferent. I hope that these songs connect with people and bring them some joy. I love songwriting, in particular, I love when songs twist and turn in unexpected ways. Maybe it’s partly to do with our shorter attention spans, but this is definitely something that has crept into my songwriting style which I feel is showcased well with these four songs. 

This was my first time to record in a professional studio, as up to this point, I have recorded everything at home. I recorded the EP in Beechpark Studios with Daire Winston and all the instruments are played by myself and my brother. It was really wonderful to have access to things like a Hammond organ and a lovely recording space.”