Irish Sisters ROOUE Share FLAVOUR

By Moni B

Dublin based duo ROOUE are back with their fresh new cut Flavour, following the release with a quarantine inspired music video – celebrating the pair’s childhood.

Flavour is an irresistible groove from the group, drawing inspiration from artists such as NAO, BANKS and Destiny’s Child to create their rich soundscapes.

Flavour is about being bored of normal, monotonous life and the same bland relationships”, the pair offer. “It captures the moment when you decide to get more from life, get a taste of new flavours. The track resonates with us after being in quarantine – craving a sense of excitement and an escape from confinement.”

Made up of twin sisters Ro and Lou, the siblings create feel good music inspired by personal experiences. It’s beautifully cathartic.  


Photo by Robert Montgomery