aj buckley
By Andrea Clarke
IRISH-born actor AJ Buckley has been made a regular cast member on hit Channel Five drama CSI: NY.

Buckley has played crime lab technician Adam Ross in a recurring role since series two of the crime show.
Born in Dublin, the actor emigrated with his family to Canada aged six and in his early career appeared in The X Files, NYPD Blue and Millennium.
CSI:NY insiders have yet to release details of the actor’s story lines but fans of the show are hoping the jack-of-all-trades tech will become a fully fledged CSI.
In the last season writers began to delve into Adam’s past, revealing that his father was an abusive bully.
“They said it went over really well”, said Buckley.
“They told me ‘We just want to slowly get more into your character’”.
The actor is keen to take the character further as long as it’s “fun”.
He said: “He’s a fun character to play. I’m used to playing really dark characters; I’ve done a few comedic bits here and there but in my career I’ve usually been the bad guy.
“The comedy came out of him being socially awkward and the only way I could get through the science jargon was for him to be really enthusiast about everything he finds and for him to want to be part of the team”.
Buckley is set to appear in crime thriller The Box about a disgraced former LAPD detective who leads a home invasion in search of millions in stolen money but the plan goes horribly wrong.