Irish actress Sinead Cusack heads for Broadway

sinead cusack
By Andrea Clarke
IRISH actress Sinead Cusack is heading for Broadway this autumn to star in the political play Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The drama, written by award winning playwright Tom Stoppard, recently finished a run in London and is now set for a stint in New York.
Cusack plays a dual role in Rock ‘n’ Roll, which focuses on the significance of rock and roll in the emergence of the democratic movement in Eastern Bloc Czechoslovakia.
Taking place at Cambridge University, England and the Czech capital between the Prague Spring of 1968 and the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the play contrasts the opposing attitudes of a young Czech Ph.D student and rock music fan, played by Rufus Sewell and those of his British Marxist professor, portrayed by Brian Cox.
The Irish theatre star plays Cox’s humanist classics-teaching wife Eleanor and their hippy grown up daughter Esme, who falls in love with Sewell.
The Co Dublin born thespian said: “Whenever I get sent scripts as opposed to going up and auditioning, I’m so delighted I say “yes” immediately.
“But when I read this, and I read it many times before I started rehearsing, there was so much that I didn’t understand, there really was. All the political and historical and rock music detail.
“But I knew that I really wanted to play these two women. I wasn’t sure how I could, but I knew I wanted to do it.
“So for me it was exciting from the start and I’m enjoying playing here still”.
Playwright Stoppard recently broke the record for the most Tonys won by a play after his trilogy The Coast of Utopia scooped seven of the prestigious theatre awards.
Rock ‘n’ Roll opens at the Jacobs Theatre on October 19, 39 years to the day that Stoppard’s first Broadway play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, closed after a yearlong run.