By Kellie Cunningham

IRELAND’S top music stars have joined forces with a fund raising campaign to help a music promoter whose son has been left with critically injured following an accident in Germany.
Three weeks ago Surry-born Gill Marsielles was given the heart wrenching news that each parent lives in fear of; her son Zan had suffered extensive brain injuries following a motorbike collision in Cologne.
The music promoter dropped everything and rushed to his bed side.
For the last few weeks 66-year-old Marsielles has been trying to get the youngster flown to the UK but as he has no insurance that remains an uncertainty.
As a result some of Ireland’s best known singers have started a campaign to help the music promoter with travel and medical expenses. Friends are also organising an internet auction on E-bay.
Despite the fact she has no actual Irish roots, Gill has been instrumental in the promotion of Irish musicians on the web, including Michael English, John McNicholl, Robert Mizzell, Gary Gimble Daniel O’Donnell and Mary Duff.
Singer Michael English – who recently signed with music manager Louis Walsh and is currently recording his new album in London – praised the work she does.
He said: “Gill is fantastic. She looks after all the internet end of things and the fan clubs.
“We have thousands of people who email in because of Gill. She’s just a great lady and she does it all voluntarily”.
The Co. Kildare singer has donated a shirt to the online auction.
Auction organiser Pat Jackson said: “Gill does a lot to promote Irish music and the young lads that are appearing on the scene just now”.
Earlier this month Midwest Irish Radio presented Gill with an award for her hard work promoting their station on the internet. It was presented at the Galtymore in London by one of Midwest’s presenters Pam Corbett.
Speaking from Germany Gill said: “It’s unbelievable. Daniel O’Donnell, John McNicholl and Michael English have been phoning and texting every day.
“I can’t quite grasp it. People have been coming out of the woodwork – you just don’t expect all this”.
* To donate to the fund or for further details contact Pat Jackson at 01246 234755.