Ioannis Gardiklis presents his awesome new album ‘Magma’ from Electrohead

It's an awesome ride to the future that features a mix of nature, ancient Greek drama, and modern-day life.
25 June 2023

Ioannis Gardiklis is a sound artist, composer and electronic music producer. He has got a cool approach to making music. He uses many different sounds – natural, analog and digital – to create his compositions.

Gardiklis project called Electrohead recently released a new album with Thinkbabymusic Collective – its name is Magma and it has 10 tracks that are really impressive!

Magma is an awesome ride to the future that features a mix of nature, ancient Greek drama, and modern-day life. You’re in for a treat with this electrifying experience that has something for everyone – from mellow ambient sounds to state-of-the-art beats that push boundaries.

This superb soundscape work by Electrohead has everything – IDM, minimalism, and experimental sounds – all combined in a perfect blend.

Ioannis Gardiklis is a real Athenian who began exploring music when he was six years old and never looked back.

At the beginning he went to the National Conservatory of Athens to learn two instruments: the violin and the piano. However, as time passed, his passion shifted towards electric bass, guitar, and synthesizer. As a result, he decided to take lessons at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

So, Gardiklis went to SAE Creative Media College and studied Electronic Music Production. It’s a partner institution of Middlesex University.

He went to the Greek National Theater’s Music Composition for the Theater workshop and even participated in an inter-artistic project with the National Opera of Greece called Transmedia Labworks “ElektraGramm, Op.58”. Impressive!

On top of that, he went to a bunch of classes on music for video games put on by SAE Creative Media College and music for films organized by the Higher School of Fine Arts in Greece.​

Gardiklis is really into the arts, both visual and performing. He loves composing music to connect with other art forms, and he’s also super interested in how technology can be used in music.

One of his newest projects is called Vei Scale which he worked on with the artist Yoma Mot. It’s a cool and unique collaboration that blends sound and experimentation.

This composer got a cool approach to combining electronic sounds and poetry. Ioannis Gardiklis even worked with jazz pianist and composer Vangelis Stefanopoulos in 2022, doing some post-processing and sound design for his album Sonance.