‘Invincible’ by Big Slice radiates optimism and positivity

"Ultimately a feel good track, coming out of the gloom into the light.”
17 February 2023

Andy & Dave Macleod‘s new track, Invincible by their band Big Slice, is out. It’s a really heartwarming song with a great pop feel and features xylophones, keys and calming vocals. Its soundscape only radiates optimism and positivity:

On a train again, I know this feelings gonna last, Invincible…I’m moving forward now

According to Big Slice, this is what they had to say about their new single: “That moment when you are on a train leaving behind a broken past heading towards an uncertain future, the mixture of fear and excitement, and ultimately deciding you’ve got to jump toward that positively. So ultimately a feel good track, coming out of the gloom into the light.”

Nainesh Shah of Flotation Toy Warning produced ‘Invincible’, and also lent his voice to the track. Joining Andy & Dave Macleod in Big Slice are Guillaume Boisselet on drums, Sean Phillips on guitar and now and then Phil Ward from Lo Fidelity Allstars lending a hand.

Andy & Dave Macleod made their first foray into the music industry when Ricky Gervais managed their fledgling band The Pointy Birds, this then opened the door to opportunities to collaborate and perform with iconic Britpop artists like Suede.

Blending the styles of Echo & the Bunnymen, Happy Mondays, Daft Punk, Pavement, and The Human League, Big Slice has managed to give the beats of the late 20th century a fresh, new vibe.

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