Introducing The Loud Bangs and ‘The Alice Experience’

"Even though we didn’t think it up – the Pink Floyd of Shoegaze thing – we do really love the idea of Pink Floyd as a Shoegaze band."
14 August 2022

By Frank Bell

Led by the charismatic Alice Street, The Loud Bangs are producer Darren Callahan alongside guitarists Alice & Daisy, bassist Hannah Remley and drummer Marcus Nemuro to create the twin guitars/bass jams which underpin their songs.

The LA-based rock band The Loud Bangs was founded in the summer of 2021. They play music influenced by shoegaze, ‘90s alternative, and European club music. In the end, what you get is both thick guitars & analog synthesizers, urgent sounds, and lyrics that center around the subject of mental health.

The band released their EPThe Alice Experience‘, so we had a chat to find out more about them.

Lyrics today tend to be more like novels when they should be more like Haiku. What are the ten best words to relate an idea or emotion?

What is the meaning behind your band name THE LOUD BANGS?

Tell you a secret – our new EP The Alice Experience, including the name and its song titles, were all once band name contenders (along with “Archie’s Enemies,” a song from our last EP). We chose THE LOUD BANGS ‘cos we thought it would work better internationally. Basically, Daisy Gutierrez, our guitarist, knocked her amp off a chair at our first-ever rehearsal and it sounded like a bomb exploded. But the feedback afterward was amazing! Sad to say we were not recording that day, so that sound is lost to time. The amp did recover, by the way.

You have been called “the Pink Floyd of Shoegaze.” Why is that?

A UK magazine tagged us as that when “Zaera” was released, probably because the 5 songs sounded like a concept album and everything on the EP was about mental health. The label liked it and pushed it out a bit, and added it to our Spotify profile. We don’t know much about the Syd Barrett years of Pink Floyd, except that he was hospitalized for mental health issues, but we do really like “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here.” That band was way before our time, but we’re not complete idiots about rock history. I guess it was the sadness, anxiety, and paranoia that exists in our music (and in our lives, unfortunately). Even though we didn’t think it up – the Pink Floyd of Shoegaze thing – we do really love the idea of Pink Floyd as a Shoegaze band. It would have been interesting if the band have stuck around through 1989 and to see what happened with those noisier influences. David Gilmour as a Kevin Shields type of guitarist would have been amazing!

Preventing hospitalization is one of the main themes in ‘The Alice Experience’, right? Could you tell us more about this EP?

While not intending to be a concept EP, ‘The Alice Experience does sound like 5 songs with that theme.  The first track, “The Gloria Films,” is based on a real psychological study. The track has a lot about freedom, and emancipation – just getting out of the house now and then. Then the next few songs sort of move into, “Do I WANT to leave the house?” Maybe that’s a terrible idea! And the last track “The Jamie Situation” is about getting locked up in a hospital and has lyrics like “forget about her,” and “nobody here with a medical problem,” and “don’t want to be a bad girl again.” A cry for help from inside the hospital that no one’s listening to. The main character can’t even make a telephone call (“call you up and you’ll piss on it” — the idea of leaving the hospital, that is).  Anyway, it’s all very deep and emotional and just shows you how brilliant we are.  (We are totally fucking kidding.)

Alice, is it true that you once said, “Who needs lyrics to convey emotion?” We’re interested to know more!

Alice Street is our main songwriter. She believes that people talk too much (* she’s looking over my shoulder as I type this and laughing at me – Daisy). Lyrics today tend to be more like novels when they should be more like Haiku. What are the ten best words to relate an idea or emotion? Lyrics should be like pepper on pasta – they don’t have to be the main ingredient. No one has ever said, “I love Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, but I wish it had more lyrics.” On the new EP, there’s a song called “The Jessica Triangle” and the only lyrics are, “Hey.  Fix it.”  That pretty much says everything about the song you need to know – obsessing over something you did wrong but don’t yet know how to make it better – that in-between state of the mistake and admitting you fucked-up.    

What challenges have you faced as a nearly “all-female” band?

Just to note, our drummer Marcus is not a female.  He started as a session player with us just to make sure he wasn’t overcommitting, so sometimes we’re called all-female from the days when there were three of us instead of four. (That’s why we didn’t say his name on our song “Introduxions” – ‘cos he was a commitment-phobe.) We know… it’s confusing. For the record, it’s been neither an issue nor an advantage. The public is past the point of saying “girl band” or “boy band” or whatever and caring. We’re neither insulted nor particularly care about the label.  If someone’s not an asshole about it, we’re all good.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Well, right now it’s to get more listeners! We’re not, like, fame junkies, but we do want people to hear our stuff and maybe like it. We know we’re probably never going to make much money at it ‘cos, let’s face it, we make 1989 Shoegaze music in 2022, but it would be nice if people gave the music a spin. Aside from that, Alice says to “repair everyone’s brains” to be more loving. That’d be nice, too, I guess.  (* And she just smacked me – Daisy).