Introducing SHAH FRANK: ‘Sexy, Bold, Fresh, Connected & Intimate’


Born of Haitian parents in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Montreal, Shah Frank embodies a world without borders. Now she presents her lushly convincing R&B bliss with her debut EP Stellaria Story, which tells her story, her journey. 

Hello Shah Frank, how are you? What’s on your mind right now? 

Hey FAME ! I’m good, thank you. Right now, my mind is focused on our next moves – new music and upcoming shows.

Can you elaborate on the meaning behind Stellaria Story?

It means on the road towards the stars. A real life Cinderella Story but you make it R&B. 

What inspired you to write the EP….

Honesty. Stellaria  Story exposes different facettes of my personality – the good, the bad, the ugly through the different relationships I’ve had with others but also with myself. 

When you’re writing a song, how do you know when you have an idea worth pursuing?

You just know. It’s a feeling deep inside. It’s as if something greater was pushing you to write these words and sing the melodies. 

Where do you like to listen to your music? 

On people’s Instagram stories. I do the same with my favorite songs so I’m fascinated every time it happens with my music.  

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself?

I don’t know of an artist who doesn’t. I’m really working on letting go though. It’s unhealthy! What’s the point? The rest of the world is already doing a great job at it. 

Describe your sound in five words:

Sexy – bold – fresh – connected & intimate 

Shah Frank’s debut EP Stellaria Story is out now via Reign Music distributed by Sony Music Canada.