Introducing PROMIS3 And Their Debut Single

Young pop duo PROMIS3 have released their brand new single Losing Our Connection. The track is accompanied by an emotionally charged video which expresses a cocktail of their happy flashbacks, emotional despair and broken dreams.

Immediately dragged into PROMIS3’s sonic universe, Losing Our Connection is the soundtrack to the emotional whirlwind you experience when you realise that the honeymoon phase of a relationship is crumbling and you suspect that your lover has met somebody else.

PROMIS3 said: “The rose-tinted glasses fall to the ground and get trampled into pieces every time you have another argument. Not knowing how to deal with these emotions, you hit the pedal to the floor and drive as far away from your problems as possible. You don’t stop speeding and can barely see anything through your tears. The next sharp turn might be your last one.

Losing Our Connection comes just before the release of their debut EP on the pairs own Simulated Paradise imprint.