Introducing Norwegian R&B Songstress MARIE NOREGER

By Vee D

Marie Noreger is one of a kind, carefully carving her own unique space in the current soundscape with her genre-fluid sound, her EP Gravity lands as a sophisticated debut project from this young, burgeoning artist. 

The project is a clear illumination of Marie’s confidence, not only in musicianship but also her visual creativity, self-directing the music video her the EP’s lead single, of the same title. Displaying maturity beyond her years, Marie curated a video that traces themes of friendship, growth, and distance.

We were keen to speak to Marie about the project and video and here is how our conversation went…

Hi Marie, how are you? What have you been up to recently?

Hi! I’m good thank you! These days I feel happy, It feels so good to finally share the ep and to just enjoy the beginning of spring! I am excited about this year.

In a few sentences, who is Marie Noreger?

I am sensitive :)) I feel like it is a blessing and a curse.. but I actually think that my creativity comes from my sensitivity. 

We’re big fans on your EP ‘Gravity’, can you tell us a bit more about the project, how it came together, and its inspirations?

That makes me so happy to hear! The oldest songs from this ep ( Adore and Soulfully High ) are actually from 2018 and we made the songs without any plan or concept. Then slowly it all came together and actually shaped a concept that describes who I am as a person. The songs are my stories. The concept is all about introspection in love and life… So the inspiration was really just my path itself. 

How did the title of your EP come about?

I was supposed to call my ep “Soulfully High” up until the last minute when I felt like “gravity” made so much more sense to me. Gravity is describing a little bit more how I felt after going thru that chapter. after I wrote all the songs and moved into another chapter of my life it was the gravity that sat with me. I felt like I gained gravity inside myself.

We’ve been told you’ve helped direct your music video for ‘Gravity’, how did your vision for video come about

Yess! I and my partner Oswald Amoa work close together with all the visuals! The song “Gravity” is about a friendship that grows apart and so the visions for this music video came quick! We wanted to create a nostalgic story where we go back in time. I actually ended up bringing my grandmother on set and she is representing me in the future looking back at the past. 

You’re based in Norway, do you have plans to come over to the UK at any point?

Oh absolutely! As soon as travelling is safe again, I would love to come !  

Finally, what’s to come in the future for Marie Noreger?

More music and visuals for sure! 


Photo by Oswald Amoa