Introducing. Liz Arcane | Singer-Songwriter/ Musician/Creative/Educator

Reflecting on her journey, Liz values resilience and authenticity in the music industry
21 March 2024
Photo by Michelle George

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Liz Arcane is a dynamic figure in music, excelling as a singer, songwriter, musician and educator. Her latest single, Sweet Connection, draws inspiration from The Smiths and Prince, showcasing her talent with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Liz Arcane explains: “Musically speaking, the intentional 70s-style, analogue/retro/live feel, soft rock, Neo-Soul, or Americana/Dark Country genre, or whatever label you might choose, is expertly produced by James Mason at Island Farm Studios and masterfully mastered by Sam Neild. Dave Matthews on Guitar, James Mason on Bass, Mo Marshall on Keys, and Ollie Pratley on drums showcase their elegant musicianship. Additionally, credit goes to WildWeRemain and Ben Williams from Webster Collective for the captivating artwork.

Beyond her music, Liz mesmerizes audiences with performances rooted in her Acting and Musical Theatre background. Authenticity and storytelling define her shows, offering poignant glimpses into life and love.

As an educator, Liz imparts her knowledge in singing, music theatre, acting, and creative writing, fostering talent and creativity in others. Her commitment to empowerment extends to songwriting services and educational support.

Reflecting on her journey, Liz values resilience and authenticity in the music industry. Her upcoming single, Slow Down, promises a blend of cheekiness and sensuality, delivering wisdom to long-time lovers.

What inspired you to want to work in the music industry?

I was inspired to work in the music industry mainly due to my love of music, lyrics and song. Above the other creative roles I enjoy, songwriting is the only one which I persistently and obsessively returned to.

How did you go about getting your foot in the door?

Getting your foot in the door of the music industry is exceptionally challenging, and it would be a lie to say mine was fully over the threshold. Instead, I’d say that working on a portfolio of music, honing your craft and doing your best to be resilient are the most important skills to build; then it’s somewhat a matter of timing, networking, and luck.

What artist or release has had the most impact on you?

I could name so many artists and releases; David Bowie, Kate Bush and Prince are key influences; however, so many recent releases have been hugely influential, too. Self Esteem’s recent ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ album means a lot to me in terms of the often painful honesty of the lyrics, and this helped me achieve a new level, honesty and quality with my lyric-writing in the last year.

Career highlight so far?

In 2023, I managed to raise some money for Samaritans Charity with my song ‘Don’t Go’, which is concerned with staying strong for just a little longer when times are tough. I aimed for £100, but ended up fundraising £250; not a huge amount, but I know that even a penny can make a difference and it felt like a huge achievement.

Best bit of advice for those looking to break into the industry and what to expect?

Don’t take advice from anyone unless you think they have a right to give it.

What projects are you working on?

I’m gradually releasing an array of singles focused around the title Honest Soul, with the aim to release a digital album later in the year which will include two exclusive and particularly honest songs. The next single release will be Slow Down; my attempt at giving advice to long-time lovers who have lost their way. It’s cheeky and a little sensual!