Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson

Introducing​ Angelica​ and her ‘Secret History’: A ​dream-​ballad of ​intimate ​narratives

"I wanted listeners to feel like they were eavesdropping, opening a music box"
11th January 2024

The music scene in London is buzzing with the rise of a fresh talent, Angelica, a Greco-American artist making waves. Her latest single, Secret History, is crafting a captivating story in the music world. Hot on the heels of her successful debut James, which garnered over 260,000 Spotify streams, Angelica’s recent release positions her as one of the most intriguing new artists to watch this year.

Secret History is an escapist’s dream, an invitation into Angelica’s deeply personal thoughts. Produced by Doug Schadt, known for his collaborations with Maggie Rogers and Ashe, the song’s whimsical piano and coaxing saxophone perfectly complement Angelica’s silky vocals. The track is a delicate exploration of life’s unseen chapters, encouraging a transgressive peek into stories usually left untold.

Accompanying her new release, Angelica has presented a live performance video of Secret History, captured in the cozy and personal atmosphere of a London church. This visual portrayal allows fans to immerse themselves in the magic of her performance, further solidifying her position as a notable figure in the music scene.

Reflecting on Secret History, Angelica reveals that the song acts as a prologue to a larger story, first introduced in James: “‘Secret History’ winds back the clock, taking us back to the beginning of that story. I wanted listeners to feel like they were eavesdropping, opening a music box.  It is a song about what happens behind closed doors. I like to think of it as a sort of prologue.”

With a recent residency at the Fringe Festival, Angelica’s career is on a significant upswing. Her music, marked by nostalgia, romanticism, and intimacy, delves into themes of love, loss, and myth. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, her narrative-driven pop music is infused with a unique depth, drawing from her rich storytelling heritage.

Angelica’s journey is not limited to music. She is a creative entrepreneur, leading Rosemary’s House, a multimedia residency and production company. Her academic pursuits at Columbia University, the University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge add a distinctive dimension to her artistry. Her recognition includes the BMI Nashville Songwriting Scholarship, further testament to her talent.

With the growing popularity of Secret History, anticipation builds for the musical journey Angelica is about to unfold. In a world where music and tales blend flawlessly, Angelica is set to captivate a global audience, delivering not just a series of songs, but a rich mosaic of stories that deeply touch the soul.