Introduce Lagom to Your Home and Lifestyle in 2018

In the worlds of interior design and lifestyle, 2018 is set to be the year of lagom.

To sum it up, this expressly Swedish philosophy is embodied by the phrase ‘not too much, not too little, just enough’ and can be described as a lifestyle that encourages balance and mindfulness in everything that you do.

One thing you should know is that lagom is not a new concept and should not be confused with a passing trend. For Swedes, it is simply a way of life, an attitude embedded in the Swedish psyche.

As for the rest of the world, we can all learn a thing or two from the lagom approach to life.

Finding perfection in imperfection.

Not getting too hung up on the little things and missing the big picture.

Centering your priorities and putting things into perspective. Practicing a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle.

Listening to the little voice inside that knows where to draw the line to keep yourself in balance.

As many Swedes will testify, lagom can have its drawbacks – for example, not reaching your fullest potential or being afraid of pursuing something you want with intensity. So there is something to be said for not being ‘too lagom’, or in other words, just lagom enough. Lagom lagom, if you will.

Lagom can be applied to almost anything, as a long-term way to achieve a sustainable balanced, healthy and happy life.

A few ways to introduce more lagom to your everyday: Know when to put away social media – take a break from having your face in a screen all day to do something where you can be more mindful and focused. have a face to face conversation over a cup of tea, go for a walk outside in nature or read a book. Make time to fit some meditation into your schedule. Even five minutes a week is better than nothing. Slow down, and breathe.

Reduce your wasteful habits. Stop wasting food by buying too much and letting it go bad in your fridge. Keep leftovers to eat the following day. Repair broken clothing instead of throwing it away.

Instead of going into debt and stressing over planning the “perfect” event, say a wedding for example, opt for a more laid back, down to earth affair that you will actually afford and enjoy.

Set aside time to be thankful and spend time with loved ones.

How can lagom be applied to interior design?

Lagom has a special resonance with interior decoration.

Think: an uncluttered, minimalistic living space with just the right amount of cosiness. After all, uncluttered spaces do wonders to ease the hectic mind, and in today’s world, with our busy lifestyles, lagom can be a useful mantra to keep to hand.

Here are a few ways to apply lagom in your home:
Opt for quality over quantity in the things that you buy. Where possible, buy things to last for many years, not just to use once or twice and throw away. Instead of plastic, opt for beautiful steel, glass, ceramic, wood or bamboo and choose quality craftsmanship where you can.

Instead of over the top bouquets, adorn your home with simple but beautiful findings from your back garden.

Accessorize subtly and with eco-friendly items and materials – organic cotton or linen pillows and blankets, thrift store or vintage finds, green plants and a few candles to add coziness with a low footprint.

You can also embrace upcycling to breathe new life into old pieces of furniture or discarded items. A splash of paint and a little TLC can do wonders to transform what might have gone to waste into something to proudly display in your home.

By Fiona Feeney /