INTRA: A new wave in dancehall with ‘Whine It’

It blends futuristic sounds with an energetic flow that captivates listeners instantly
28 February 2024

INTRA, as he released his latest single Whine It under Wonda Music. The track, a brilliant collaboration between English producer Styder Beats and renowned Jerry Wonda, showcases INTRA’s distinct sound, combining elements of Afrobeat with traditional dancehall rhythms. Whine It blends futuristic sounds with an energetic flow that captivates listeners instantly.

The official video, set against the picturesque backdrop of Portland, Jamaica, complements the song’s theme, showcasing local life and the natural allure of the island. As INTRA navigates through various scenes, the video captures the essence of Jamaican joy and dancehall culture.

This single is a celebration of Jamaican dance culture, encapsulating the vibrant spirit of the island while highlighting the beauty and grace of the female form. By recording with clarity and a melodious tone and atmosphere, INTRA delivers his message with precision, making Whine It a delight in composition and production.

INTRA’s musical path began at Kingston’s Calabar High School in 2005, where he first honed his skills in lyricism and rhythm. Originally performing under the name Intratek, he has grown into a multifaceted artist with a love for various musical genres. Over a decade of performances and growing social media presence have catapulted him from local stages to international recognition.

His story is marked by self-taught skills and significant collaborations, such as with engineer Bane Chang, who helped refine INTRA’s vocal delivery and songwriting. This collaboration has been essential in crafting INTRA’s unique sound, blending his Jamaican heritage with universal appeal.

INTRA’s notable for his profound lyrical skill and heartfelt music, drawing from personal experiences and Jamaican culture, while emphasizing positive themes and dancehall energy.

His music-making varies; sometimes rhythms spark lyrics, other times stories drive the melodies. This versatility has led to unique, innovative tracks.

Despite personal trials, like his mother’s loss in 2022, INTRA finds healing in music. His journey underscores his deep passion for music, valuing artistic fulfillment over fame.

INTRA’s rise from a hopeful young talent in Calabar High School to a burgeoning dancehall sensation is a story of passion, dedication, and undeniable talent. With Whine It, he has set a new standard for what’s to come, promising a future filled with more groundbreaking music and international acclaim. INTRA is undoubtedly an artist to watch; he’s a movement in the making, reshaping the landscape of dancehall music with every beat.