Interview With Singer-Songwriter B. ADAMS: Turning DAFT PUNK Acoustic

The result is a syrupy ballad that you could easily fall in love to. The type of music you want to wake up to.
21 November 2020

Cutting covers of other people’s songs is a tricky business, especially when you’re covering a certified hit. The prospects of failing, by delivering something which doesn’t exactly live up to the original, are definitely a reality to reckon with. Once in a while, a cover comes along that not only breathes new life into the original, but it sounds like a completely new song.  South African singer songwriter B. Adams – now based in Austria – managed to pull this off with Daft Punk’s funk / electro mantra banger Around The World.

What’s special about his version? Well, a few things. First of all,  he stripped the composition down to its bare bones, not only musically, but by opting for an acoustic arrangement. And he turned the thump into something that feels like a summer eve breeze, soothing and sweet. The result is a syrupy ballad that you could easily fall in love to. The type of music you want to wake up to. The song is a part of an ambitious project called B. Adams 53, where a new song along with a video was released weekly all year long. The project is slowly coming to an end and it’ll be celebrated with an official release beginning of next year. So who is B. Adams? We decided to let the man tell us in his own words. 

I think I would like to leave a monument that says: “someone was here at this specific age in time and left some stories behind”.

Who is B. Adams?

I was Born and raised in Capetown. Started making music at the age of 20. I’ve recorded about twelve different projects throughout my career. I’m obsessed with music! What truly defines me is my family, my music and the chaos in between those two things that holds everything together.

How would you describe your role in this vast musical universe? What are you trying to achieve? What is  the ultimate dream? 

The immediate dream would be to have more people hear my musical vibrations and connect with what I’m doing. In the grander scheme, I think I would like to leave a monument that says: “someone was here at this specific age in time and left some stories behind”.

What prompted you to cover DAFT PUNK’s “Around the World”? 

I have loved this song for many years. I got the idea to create this cover by messing around with a hook-line from an old house song that I remembered and could not find. This led to me going through electronic songs that I loved. I was just having fun with putting these two worlds together.

Covers are a tricky thing, because you have to find a way to emotionally hijack someone else’s music, find your self in it – how do you go about that? 

I think it starts with the words and trying to understand what they are saying and then imagining what they could be saying. From this perspective, I think connecting one’s own story to it becomes easier. In a way, I also wanted to pay tribute to the original of this song by not changing too much in the hook-line.

What do you love most about the original? 

I love the way the song was layered, with the different elements and the dynamics with which these elements were produced. Just the sounds on the song are timeless to me.

What have you added to it? 

Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, moog and a whole bunch of backing vocals stacked on top of each other. I feel that the song has a completely new story to tell now. I wanted to give it the warmth that I feel when I hear the original.

In closing, how have you adapted to these precarious times?

I am trying to find more ways to earn money. Other than that, I am still just fulfilling my destiny which is to create things and let these weird times be a part of my story.

Anything else you would like to say? 

Thank you for the interview! Don’t hesitate to checkout my homepage to checkout the forthcoming releases. I have been releasing a song and music video every week since the beginning of 2020, this project will come to an end in a few weeks. There are also updates regarding the upcoming album, which will be released on vinyl in 2021.