Interview with Anna Goldsmith: The rising Pop-Punk phenomenon

"I always bring my 100% energy to each show"
12 February 2024

At only 16, Anna Goldsmith has significantly impacted pop-punk and rock, demonstrating maturity and authenticity in her music. Known for Let Love Go, she captivates with dynamic performances and personal stories. In our interview, she discusses her musical journey, influences, and goals.

Discussing Let Love Go, Goldsmith offers a peek behind the curtain of the song’s genesis and development process. With a repertoire that includes her initial offering, Shine, among five original tracks, she muses on the evolution of her sound.

Goldsmith’s performances burst with vitality, designed to forge a collective sense of happiness and release. “I always bring my 100% energy to each show,” she affirms, focusing on creating an inclusive atmosphere where her audience can feel acknowledged and united in their experiences.

Looking ahead, Goldsmith has lofty aspirations, dreaming of becoming a well-known figure and taking the stage in massive arenas. Her ideal opening acts? Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Green Day, underscoring her profound respect for the punk rock scene.

Anna Goldsmith’s story highlights how determination and creativity can pave the way in music, inspiring young musicians by showing that age is no obstacle to achieving dreams.

I want to write songs for other people, so that others know they’re not alone, and to show how I feel

Beginning with vocal lessons at the age of 9 and swiftly transitioning to songwriting, what was the defining moment that made your love for music more than just a hobby?

I’ve loved music my whole entire life, I’ve always been singing songs around the house. The defining moment that made me realize I love music was the first recital I ever had at my music studio, The Melody In Me, with my first-ever vocal coach, Margot Hamilton. I realized I love performing in front of audiences and making other people happy, while energizing myself.

Could you describe the journey of creating Let Love Go, from the initial idea to the final production?

When I write my songs, I’m often sent a backing track and asked to write something for it. I thought it was a very interesting song, and Let Love Go is really about not letting yourself obsess over a crush or somebody who probably isn’t worth it. I had been struggling with that situation for a while before I started writing the song, and I just started getting more and more ideas because I was really inspired by what I was living through.

With five original songs under your belt, including your debut ‘Shine’, how have you seen your music mature or transform?

My music has transformed immensely throughout the years, and I think I have as a person as well. My music is more confident and very much becoming more from my heart and for the people, and not because I wanted to write a song. I want to write songs for other people, so that others know they’re not alone, and to show how I feel.

Recognizing your admiration for bands like Paramore, Guns N Roses, and Avril Lavigne, how have these icons influenced your musical direction and style?

These icons have really influenced my style. I am always listening to them day and night, and honestly just having them constantly in my AirPods influences me unconsciously. I try to add a little bit of interesting, unique things that they do into my own music just to make it more fun.

Having graced stages at renowned venues such as the El Mocambo and Chelsea Music Hall, what experiences or emotions do you aim to impart during your live performances, and how do you gear up for these shows?

I am extremely energetic, and no matter where I am performing I always bring my 100% energy to each show. I love performing at venues because I can engage with the audience and help make other people realize that they’re not alone. They can forget about their problems, and just be fully immersed in an energetic minefield of chaos, but in a comforting way.

As a rising star in the pop-punk and rock scene, what are your personal and professional ambitions moving forward?

I want to make people feel good about themselves by having fun. My goal is to be performing on stadium stages and be a household name.

If you had the opportunity to open a concert for any artist, who would be your dream choice?

I would open for Paramore, Avril Lavigne, or any punk rock band that I listen to like Green Day. That would be my dream.

Reflecting on your past, what’s the most memorable trouble you’ve found yourself in?

The most memorable trouble that I found myself in was writer’s block and trying to figure out what to write about. This can be a big struggle for me sometimes, but I push through it by being inspired by the world around me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received that has influenced your career or personal life?

I have received a lot of advice along the way, and my main advice is to say “yes”! Saying “yes” has gotten me so many more opportunities, and it’s given me a lot more confidence along the way.

What are the upcoming plans or projects that fans can look forward to?

I am going to be writing and recording some new music!!