interview. The Domain introduces the lush sound of ‘Better Than Me’ featuring Lousy

"My creative process isn’t really influenced by anything in the physical world, it’s more just spontaneous, like I’m just working for a higher intelligence"
6 January 2024

The Domain is an vibrant music force, blending catchy pop vocals with sun-soaked House music and retro Synth Pop. This rising artist’s new single, Better Than Me, with guest vocals from Lousy and a summery vibe, is a must-listen that captures the genre-bending skills she embodies.

Captivating influential tastemakers and boasting distribution via Sony’s The Orchard, The Domain has become a globally relevant electronic music producer, DJ, and remixer.

Embark on a journey into The Domain’s sonic universe with us, uncovering their inspirations, milestones, and the unique path that has propelled them to the forefront of the electronic music scene.

I feel like my sound is always a little bit real, it feels authentic

What’s up? What’s going through your mind right now?

I’m in the studio, just putting the final touches on a super large amount of new tracks that I’m just finishing off. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, who or how I’m gonna release them, when they might fit into a release schedule…I think I’m moving interstate soon but I don’t know where, I don’t really know anything right now…

Your project The Domain boldly navigates the realms of Synth Pop and EDM, creating a unique sound. Can you share the inspiration behind this genre-blending approach and how it contributes to your musical identity?

It’s really just part of my long journey to find words that describe my music. I still haven’t quite nailed it. It’s not like I had a preconceived idea to make songs that are kind of Synth Pop / EDM that’s just the best words I can find to describe it. I just started making music randomly for the new project and it doesn’t exactly fit into any particular box or music genre. It’s more out there I think. I ended up with a large variety of songs, some that are quite heavily leaning towards EDM and some that are quite heavily leaning into Pop territory. I even have some songs with me rapping over a full live orchestra LOL. So coming up with words to describe it is difficult.

Better Than Me features guest vocals from Lousy and exudes a sunny summer vibe. How did the collaboration come about, and how does it add to the overall atmosphere of the track?

Now if I’m being honest with you a large amount of my songs have required a really large amount of time working on sound design and production and arrangement and mixing, with Better Than Me, it’s one of those songs where I just put my hands on the keyboard and all types of magic happened really quickly and easily. As soon as I had the demo I sent it straight to Lousy because I was excited and she really liked it so it was really a no-brainer just getting it done…

Her vocals are amazing I’m a huge fan, and this track it’s like it was designed for her it really brought out the best in her she has this really amazing fun energy.

The Domain has garnered attention from influential tastemakers and received support from Spinnin’ Records and Ultra Music. How has this recognition influenced your approach to music production and your upcoming projects?

It hasn’t changed at all, I’m still making whatever cool random stuff I feel like making, but I still have a great passion and desire to make it really good.

The Domain has made a significant impact in a short time, currently featured as the artist of the month on the biggest radio station in Adelaide. Can you share more about your experience in the local music scene and your plans for future live performances?

Sure, it depends, either I will try to fill up my calendar as much as possible in February or, since I will be travelling soon across the country, I will book as many gigs as I can once I arrive in my destination.

If you could tour with any musicians, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jimi Hendrix 100%, because of his personality and his out-there thinking I think we would get along really well.

What was the first album you purchased?

To be 100% honest with you I actually don’t remember. My memory from my childhood is not so good.

Which artists are you listening to right now?

Well to be honest right now I’m in the studio so much I’m mostly listening to myself lol.

Your singles have received positive reviews, with quotes like “A slickly produced and soulful banger” and “A Pop House banger for the ages.” How do these reviews influence your creative process, and what kind of emotions or experiences do you aim to evoke in your listeners through your music?

The reviews are great, I’m really grateful that my stuff has been received so well. My creative process isn’t really influenced by anything in the physical world, it’s more just spontaneous, like I’m just working for a higher intelligence. Just following instructions from aspects of the Universe that are smarter than myself.

Where do you think your music fits in today’s world?

I think my music is gonna have to carve a place into the world. Most of the stuff I hear nowadays sounds super fake and generic. I’m not talking about in terms of quality or the sonics, I’m talking about the feeling of (or lack thereof) authenticity. I feel like my sound is always a little bit real, it feels authentic. This is the quality that I’ve always searched for in music and I just feel that most artists haven’t really found themselves yet, mostly they’re still trying to be someone else.