interview. Spirits of Saturn unveils ‘Transfigured’

"Everyone can relate to the moments after a break up. Going over everything in your head, memories and feelings flooding your psyche"
1 March 2024
Photo by C. Faruolo

A comprehensive exploration of emotional evolution and creative synergy

In this exclusive interview with the eclectic ensemble Spirits of Saturn, we delve into the creative depths behind their latest single Transfigured, a track that unravels the complex layers of post-relationship sentiments and the cathartic power of emotional metamorphosis.

The group, known for their unique fusion of sounds and influences, shares the personal experiences and musical journeys that shaped this compelling piece. From the intimate origins of Transfigured to the dynamics of their collaboration and live performances, Spirits of Saturn offer a glimpse into their artistic process and the diverse backgrounds that define their distinctive sound.

Join us as we explore the inspirations, aspirations, and future directions of this intriguing band, whose members include talents from the notable collective Superorganism, and discover what sets Spirits of Saturn apart in the contemporary music landscape.

All our heroes have contributed to our own personal musical bible that lays at our foundation

Transfigured marks your third single release, exploring the complex aftermath of relationships. Can you share the inspiration behind this song and how you approached its composition to convey the theme of emotional transformation?

Everyone can relate to the moments after a break up. Going over everything in your head, memories and feelings flooding your psyche. Then one day out of the blue, you receive a message from the girl. You read it and all the feelings are rearranged and you feel vindicated. That’s where the idea of Transfigured sprouted from.

As for the composition. I (Earl) always come back to exercise when trying to build myself back up. So after a run and a shower I sat down at the keyboard and all the music and words fell out of me in one go which doesn’t happen often so we got lucky.

Spirits of Saturn has a unique lineup, including members from Superorganism. How does each member’s background contribute to the creative process and overall sound of the band?

We’re all creative people so when coming together it’s all about bringing respect and patience. Taming the ego so all the ideas can have their moment. The creative process has evolved as the band has evolved, from myself and Edmund fleshing out an idea from a voice memo to writing from scratch with the whole band.

The band takes inspiration from a variety of artists, including Kraftwerk and Daft Punk, to craft a future-perfect disco pop vibe. How do you balance these influences while ensuring your music remains fresh and original?

Every time you sit to write you are informed by everything that has come before you. All our heroes have contributed to our own personal musical bible that lays at our foundation. We try to work off instinct and try to follow the sounds that excite us the most at the time.

Photo by C. Faruolo

Following your packed debut shows and the UK tour with Temples, how has performing live influenced the band’s development and the reception of your music among fans?

After only playing a handful of shows as a full band then being offered the tour and playing bigger venues, such as Koko (London) Brudenell Social Club (Leeds), and Band on the Wall (Manchester), really gave us that push to learn more about ourselves and our sound and how we want to develop it. The response from the audience has always been really warm, and possibly overwhelming at times. But we deserve it, so all good.

With ‘Transfigured’ being mixed and mastered by Superorganism’s Tucan, what impact did this collaboration have on the final sound of the track, and how was the experience of working together?

Tucan is a savant. He elevates whatever we give him to another level so he has a huge impact on the final sound.

As you prepare to headline London’s Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, what can fans expect from your live performance, especially in terms of translating the emotive and synth-heavy sound of ‘Transfigured’ to a live setting?

Our fans can expect their spirits to be lifted up and feel an urge to dance along. ‘Transfigured’ has always worked a charm on stage with real drums and our harmonies creating a trance akin to a drug fueled experience.

Photo by C. Faruolo

Which artists are you listening to right now?

Elian: French synthpop and new wave artists like Lio and Bashung.
Edmund: Currently exploring the debut albums that I’ve never heard of all the artists I like, ie, Tears for Fears, Mamas and Papas, Jefferson Airplane etc
Scott: Weyes Blood, QOTSA, The Last Dinner Party, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci:
Earl: Caroline Polachek and specifically a bossanova record by Torquinho e Vinicius De Moraes titled ‘O Poeta e o Violão’

What do you hope your fans gain from your music?

We hope that it inspires people to accomplish their dreams or at least make their day a little lighter. And, of course, that they are extremely keen to hear more from us.

What changes do you hope will happen in the music industry?

The music industry has always been a hard one to crack. Now more than ever it seems like there’s a million amazing artists competing for attention. More funding from the government to the arts, subsidised rents for artists and musicians would be a good start.

If you had the opportunity to open for any artist, who would it be?

Elian: Supergrass
Earl: Daft Punk
Scott: Rolling Stones
Edmund: Echo & The Bunnymen