interview. Pure Inch: Exploring innovative soundscapes, a conversation on the music of ‘City Tales’

"My intention is for the listener to craft their own narrative and interpretation for each title"
11 January 2024

In the cozy confines of a kitchen turned studio, amidst the serene winter landscape, an artist spins tales of the urban jungle. This is the backdrop of our latest interview, featuring​ Pure Inch, the enigmatic musician behind the innovative album City Tales.

Surprisingly, this album was concocted in the heart of the artist’s kitchen, a choice reflecting the belief that, much like a delicious meal, music combines various ingredients, experimentation, and spontaneity. Despite the kitchen setting, the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) ensured the environment played a more inspirational than technical role.

City Tales is not just about electronica, breakbeat, or UK garage; it’s an amalgamation of diverse influences. The album uses electronica as a canvas, allowing for explorations in synthesizers and atmospheric textures. Breakbeat and UK garage elements lend a dynamic rhythm, embodying the energetic urban vibe.

Each track in City Tales is a reflection on urban life, with titles like Happiness and Meet Me On The Dancefloor. These titles are inspired by the bustling city life, capturing its essence in musical form. For instance, As Slow As Possible is a playful twist on the acronym ASAP, representing a contemplation of the urban pace.

Pure Inch encourages listeners to find their own meanings in these titles, crafting personal narratives that resonate with their experiences of city life.

When asked to describe their sound in three words, Pure Inch chooses “Innovative, Resonant, Eclectic”. These words encapsulate the essence of City Tales, highlighting its originality, emotional depth, and diverse influences.

Pure Inch’s ultimate goal is for listeners to find emotional resonance in the music, inviting them to escape into different worlds or find a connection with their own experiences.​ 

If the listeners find resonance or emotion in my work, then I consider my creative journey a success

What’s up? What’s going through your mind right now?

Hello! Thank you, I’m doing well. I’m currently enjoying the serene view of a white winter landscape outside my window, and it’s proving to be a wonderful source of inspiration.

The album was recorded at home in the kitchen. What prompted this unconventional choice, and how did the unique recording environment contribute to the overall sound and vibe of City Tales?

Kitchen is not just a place where recipes and good food are born, but it’s also a creative hub where the essence of life, in various forms, comes together. In many ways, crafting music is akin to cooking a great meal—it involves a mix of ingredients, experimentation, and a touch of spontaneity. Recording environment – it did not play much role, as everything was made in DAW. It played a role more like a spot or place, where all ideas were born.

The album draws inspiration from breakbeat, uk garage, and electronica. Can you delve into how these specific music styles and events influenced the ethos behind City Tales?

Actually inspiration is coming not only from these styles, as I tend to listen to various music styles. But electronica, as a broad and versatile genre, served as a canvas for sonic exploration within ‘City Tales.’ It provided the freedom to experiment with synthesizers, atmospheric textures. Drum and bass elements in certain tracks draw inspiration from breakbeat and UK garage. Breakbeat, with its rhythmic emphasis on syncopation and the distinctive use of drum patterns, added a dynamic and energetic foundation.

Each song in the album is related to urban living, with titles like Happiness and Meet me on the dancefloor. Could you elaborate on the thinking behind this thematic approach and how it reflects the dynamic and diverse essence of city life as portrayed in your music?

As I meandered through the city, the concept for titling each song based on city experiences took shape. For instance, the track As Slow As Possible delves into a contemplation on the quality of life in urban settings. The title, inspired by the ubiquitous use of ASAP in the city, serves as a playful twist, suggesting a reflection on the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. This approach of naming each song after city happenings adds a thematic depth to the album, inviting listeners to explore the diverse facets of urban existence through the music. I prefer not to disclose the specific meanings behind each song title; my intention is for the listener to craft their own narrative and interpretation for each title.

If you had to describe your sound in three words what would they be?

Innovative, Resonant, Eclectic.

What do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

If the listeners find resonance or emotion in my work, then I consider my creative journey a success. I want people to connect emotionally with the sounds embedded in each track, allowing them to escape into different worlds or find resonance with their own experiences.