interview: Mik Ivy delivers the electrifying ‘Devil’

"I originally wrote it at a time where I felt like I was chasing a lot of bad people and negative things"
17 May 2023

Mik Ivy is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter based in London. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, he’s been able to tap into the vibrancy and creativity of the city to create some amazing tunes.

Mik Ivy is really making waves in the Indie/Alternative scene right now. Devil is his strong new single.

Devil offers an intriguing story about pursuing something bad for you and ultimately running away from your issues. It’s like a quick escape from reality.

Mik Ivy‘s style of music is really fresh and he uses an easy-to-understand idea as the basis for his songs. His singing has a powerful, passionate vibe to it that’s got a British soul twist. His lyrics add something extra to the overall sound, creating an impressive listening experience.

He has the platform to mix and blend different genres and create something new here. Sonically, the bassline was the starting point for producer Balthazard to create a full soundscape with lots of elements, trongly distorted and mesmerising guitars surround perfectly, lay down some trap drum beats to get the perfect mix of Rock & HipHop.

After Jon leKole worked his magic in the studio, Devil took life with a great guitar solo and Mik‘s intense voice and words. It created a huge atmosphere that was sure to have listeners headbanging. Devil is a great track to get your adrenaline pumping and make you feel alive. It has this eclectic atmosphere and mystery that makes it so electrifying.

Its lyrics are quite thought-provoking. You’ll be wanting to hit replay right after the spooky synth ends!

He said Arctic Monkeys, Steve Lacy, Her’s and The Strokes inspire him the most. From super light and joyful pop songs to intense and emotional songs, Mik Ivy‘s songs reflect the struggles and realities of younger generations.

We had a little talk with the delightful Mik about his new music, perfect day, material possession, guilty pleasures and much more…

Can’t get enough of Toxic by Britney Spears! Also, Kim Wilde and Blondie will often be looping on my headphones, but I probably wouldn’t blast it if I was on aux with my mates haha.

What’s going on, Mik?

What’s up Fame ! I’ve been pretty great, definitely starting to enjoy the summer peaking its nose out here in London.

Let us know all we need to know about your new song DEVIL

Devil is definitely one of those songs which will fit the mood you need it to. I originally wrote it at a time where I felt like I was chasing a lot of bad people and negative things in order to avoid the shit that was really happening in my life. 

I feel like everyone can kinda relate to that and although it can be a bit of a bad feeling, it’s always important to remember you can get back up no matter how low you might feel like you’ve fallen. 

It’s got hints of Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Steve Lacy & Grandson. Personally, I’ve been blasting it while I’m getting ready to go out for some extra confidence, or at Uni/The Gym haha.

How did it feel to work with Balthazard on producing your new song?

As always, sick as hell!

Balthazard and I actually starting working together on projects shortly after both moving to London in 2021, and Devil was actually one of first tunes we started collaborating on.

The process felt so organic and our creative influences and directions are clearly aligned, so the vision was there from the beginning and we elevated it together, which is always such a powerful experience. 

We have great artistic chemistry, and we’re also super good mates which definitely helps with the creation process.

What would be your perfect day?

My perfect day is definitely a Saturday, end of June kinda vibe. 

Like, It’s hot but you can still breathe normally you get me?

Waking up not too early cuz sleeping in tops basically everything, then heading out for a walk and getting some food in a park or something, look at nature for a minute. 

Have some mates over in the afternoon, play some records, light some incense, make some drinks and head out to a indie gig in whichever hole in the wall bar, generally in east. 

Finish the night in a blurry haze, all head back to mine and debrief of the top stories for the night.

Then crash and fixing up the hangover with some eggs and OJ on the Sunday morning.

To me, it’s pretty hard to top a day like that.

What do you fans love the most about you?

I don’t know that I have fans haha, but the couple of familiar faces at gigs or on social media say the vibes always hit right, so I guess I’m just gonna continue to try and keep those up!

What is your most valued material possession?

Well, I don’t necessarily think of my plants as material possessions, however I did buy them and if anything happened to any of them I’d prolly have a meltdown, I love em for real haha. 

My monstera might be a goner tho, but it is what it is. 

If you could blink and be in a preferred location now, where would that be?

Either Costa Rica for the skating, surfing and people or New York because I haven’t been since I was a kid and I’ve been dying to go back ever since.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Don’t know that its super guilty either, but I definitely can’t get enough of “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

Also, Kim Wilde and Blondie will often be looping on my headphones, but I probably wouldn’t blast it if I was on aux with my mates haha.

What’s your favorite sound on the planet?

The crackle of old vinyl tops is superior to about anything else for me.

You relocated to London from Geneva when you were 17, right? Your song 837 has been streamed 22K times on Spotify, which is amazing! Now at 19, who would you love to collaborate with in the industry?

Haha, yeah! I moved shortly right after my 18th birthday, and I had released ‘837’ about 2 months prior.

I have so much admiration and respect for Alex Turner, Emma Proux, Omar Apollo, Tyler the creator & Julian Casablancas that honestly, working with any of them would be a dream come true!

We saw you’ve been performing at a bunch of headline shows in London already, like the Notting Hill Arts Club. Any gigs coming up in London?

You betcha! We’ll be playing Camden Assembly on the 3rd of June, you can find tickets in the link attached :