Interview | LissA On Releasing Her Own GIN

The gifted LissA has just released her latest record in the form of the utterly catchy “Gin.” A tune all about giving in to what might not be a good idea and letting go, it’s clear the singer pours a lot of personality into her music. 

We got speaking with her below…

When did you first starting writing music? 

I started writing music when I was a little girl. The first song I wrote contained 3 chords and was full of spelling and gramma errors. Ever since then I kept on writing and singing and still can’t believe how many people have listened to my music by now. 

Do you remember the first artists or bands you really loved growing up?

I was crazy in love with The Kooks, especially the front man Luke Pritchard. I remember how angry I was, when a couple of friends and I went to a concert and my friend got to touch his hand and I didn’t.. I’ve got over that crush now, though 😉 

Who inspires you at the moment?

I’m really into Hip Hop, especially UK Hip Hop. I wish I could rap better then you’d definitely get a little rap song by me, however… I really suck at it. 

Your new single ‘Gin’ is a awesome, congratulations! What’s the story behind it? 

Thank you so much! Well, “Gin” is supposed to create happy vibes and to give you the feeling that things are alright, even when you drank too much, spent too much name it. Sometimes you just have to give in and do what you feel like although it might not be the most reasonable way to go.

Did you enjoy making it? Would you say it offers fans a good glimpse of your personality?

I enjoyed writing that track a lot. I wanted to create something that makes you happy when you listen to it and I hope I succeeded doing that. Since I wrote it, I can definitely relate to the content of the track and it does give a little impression of my personality. However there is a big part of me that is very sensitive and tends to overthink stuff, so “Gin“ is kind of my party me talking to my non-party me, if that makes sense. Music gives me the opportunity to express all the feelings I have so there is “Gin,” a super happy song, there is “Battas”, a very deep love song – there are all kinds of songs and I think overall they give the best glimpse of my personality. 

Are you happy with reactions to it so far?

I am very happy about the reactions I have gotten. I was a little afraid at first, that my fans wouldn’t like the song because it differs a lot from my previous work. But they really like the song and I am very happy about that. Also the radio station that I’ve been listening to ever since I was a little girl, played the track which was an amazing feeling. 

What are your summer plans? Do you feel more inspired at this time of the year?

I will be working on my live set with my band to finally start touring. Also I will be doing a couple of sessions all over the world and since I just graduated and am done with my master, I’m enjoying the freedom I now have. 

What can we expect from LissA in the next few months? 

You can expect more music, more happy vibes and an amazing live show. I can’t wait to share all things I’ve worked on for the last couple of months 🙂

By Holly Frith