interview. Exploring Enchantment with Lewis Ciavarella and his track ‘Like It Like That’

"I think that Afro/Latin beat rhythms are the only grooves that can make anyone dance, I love dancing"
23 November 2023

From the Melbourne music scene, one name stands out with a unique blend of versatility and allure: Lewis Ciavarella. ​The multi-instrumentalist artist, known for leaving audiences spellbound, has recently unveiled his latest single, Like It Like That. Departing from his usual sonic landscape, Lewis ventures into uncharted territory, delivering a track that oozes sensuality and enchantment.

This ​c​onvincing single, like a carefully guarded secret, had been tucked away in Lewis’ vault for years before finally being brought to life by the skilled hands of producer LRMEO.

Like It Like That whisks listeners away into a world of fantasy and passion, as it skillfully blends Afrobeat rhythms, captivating harmonies, and seductive guitar lines into a seamless melody. 

From his early days tinkering with instruments in the cozy corners of his family home to gracing numerous stages and collaborating with fellow musicians, Lewis has carved a niche for himself within the local scene. His commitment to delivering enchanting experiences through his songwriting and performances has made him a standout figure in Melbourne’s rich musical landscape.

Lewis burst onto the scene in 2018 with his debut single, and in just one year, he tasted significant success with the Hip Hop-infused track Better Days, amassing over 20K streams on Spotify alone.

Influenced by the likes of Rüfüs Du Sol, Hayden James, Anderson Paak, Crooked Colours, Flight Facilities, Mac Miller, Drake, and Burna Boy, Lewis draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical voices. This eclectic mix of influences is reflected in the dynamism of his sound, making each release a unique and exciting journey for his growing fan base.

Lewis Ciavarella invites you to join him on this sensual journey, promising an experience that’s bound to leave ​a mark on your musical soul.

My parents have raised me on good music and the friends I’ve made keep introducing me to even better stuff. So, in short, music got me into music.

The latest single, ‘Like It Like That’, takes a departure from your usual sound. Can you share more about the inspiration behind this shift and the decision to bring an older melody to life? 

Growing up, I’ve been introduced to a world of genres from my family, friends and city. Like it like that is a sandwich of all of the genres I know and love mainly focusing on a smooth Afro/Latin beat. I didn’t think that the lyrics of the song would fit over my usual electronic sound so I decided they deserved a smoother/groovier flow. The area I lived in at the time (Fitzroy, Melbourne) has a big South American culture and Afro/Latin beats are mainly what you hear on the streets there so that played a big role in Like It Like That. 

The collaboration with producer LRMEO played a crucial role in bringing ‘Like It Like That’ to fruition. How did this partnership come about, and what unique elements did LRMEO bring to the production?

LRMEO and I are close family friends and I have known him for almost all my life. His production and arrangement skills are totally unmatched in my eyes and I’m very lucky to have him on my team. I can literally spit out a verbal idea to him and he will have it produced within minutes. His knowledge of all genres really help when we are writing together and I’m very inspired every time I hit the studio with him. His ability to create melodies and grooves plays a crucial role in my songwriting process and he just makes it easier to get all the ideas brought to life.

Like It Like That is described as a track with Afrobeat rhythms, captivating harmonies, and sexy guitar lines. How did these specific musical elements contribute to creating the sensuality and enchantment that define the song? 

I think that Afro/Latin beat rhythms are the only grooves that can make anyone dance, I love dancing, and even if, for some reason you hate music, those certain beats will make you get your ass up and bop around like no one is watching. The lyrics of the song are very lustful and I think that certain melodies and elements of the track suit the lyrics so well.

As a multi-instrumentalist, can you share insights into your creative process for both songwriting and performing? Additionally, could you elaborate on how you aim to craft a captivating experience for your audience? 

All my songs have started with just me and my guitar. In saying that, I have the production that I want to hear in mind as I’m writing. I’ll then head to Alex (LRMEO) with the song and my idea of what I want it to sound like. I think everyones answer to this question would be completely different all the time. To me it’s all about teamwork, I’ll do what I’m good at which is writing and I’ll have people on my team, LRMEO, for instance, who is a boss at production and together we put our skills together and create songs like this one. The only way to get better at it is to keep doing it and listening to more/ write more music.

It seems that collaboration is a constant theme in your music offering. Can you elaborate on the ways in which collaborations with other musicians have shaped your music? 

Ive been lucky enough to play as a full time musician for most of my working life. With that I’ve made some very close friends who are extremely talented in their own realm. Bringing their talents to my music is an absolute pleasure, I learn so much from other artists such as Woody Samson, Dann Dib, Tejo D’cruz to name a few. I love overlapping genres that I love to crate big super genres.

As fans track the progress of your burgeoning career, what exciting prospects can they anticipate in the realms of future projects, collaborations, or musical exploration? 

After Like It Like That drops, I plan to dive deeper into the electronic world. I want to create an album of dance songs because my love for electronic music is back stronger than ever. I want to bring memories to life in the form of sound and movement so I can relive them again and again. 

What first got you into music?

Strangely enough, Eminem hahahaha. Dad used to blast him in the car on the way to school (prep) lol.

My parents have raised me on good music and the friends I’ve made keep introducing me to even better stuff. So, in short, music got me into music.

If you could tour with any musicians, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

I would have loved to have toured with Mac Miller, his music really hits home sometimes and his talents are so incredible I think everyone could vouch that he is one of the greatest to have ever graced us with his music.

Which artists are you listening to right now?

Im listening to a lot of RUFUS, Lumineers, Dom Dolla, Niv Ast, Woody Samson, The Glamour and Solomun.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music? 

I hope that they can match my songs to something they have experienced (good or bad) and feel something therapeutic in which ever way they see fit.