Interview: Kaysien – ‘Glass Ceiling’ is a magical bombastic track

"KAYSIEN is the Spirit. The Traveller from the world beyond. The life force energy that exists as all of us"
6th July 2023

Kaysien, a British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer/engineer, has been in the music industry for quite a few years

Glass Ceiling is his new new single, that has a really uplifting and earthy feel. The lyrics touch on our connection to nature, consciousness, and awareness.

Glass Ceiling is like the ultimate soundtrack for conquering life’s toughest challenges. It’s got that Genesis vibe and will inspire you to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

The lyrics are super inspiring and really make you feel motivated. They give you that extra boost of confidence and inner strength.

This song is seriously powerful! The combination of perfectly played instruments like the rhythmic drums and reverberating piano chords, along with the emotional vocals and pulsating synth bass lines, will really move you.

Kaysien really showed off his incredible talent in this track. He played all the instruments, sang all the vocals, and even recorded and produced the track by himself.

The new track Glass Ceiling is a result of Kaysien‘s EP Elements, where he explored the concept of identity and ego abandonment.

Kaysien discovered something really interesting while working on this EP. He realized that there’s another part of themselves that sometimes needs some extra care and attention: ‘identification of another aspect of self which, at times, needs nurturing to rise through layers of trauma and conditioning.’

His musical journey started with playing bass and singing, then he eventually learned guitar, drums, piano, and production. That’s when he found the groove deep within his soul that shapes all of his musical creations.

Kaysien loves to let his creativity run wild and creates unique soundscapes that defy any genre limitations: ‘deep grooves, upbeat energy and thoughtful motifs would best describe what I create.’ 

American jazz, R&B, and rock bass player and vocalist, Nathan East (Fourplay, Toto and Bee Gees) said: “I’ve known Kaysien since he was a young lad, always a good soul, and he has grown to become an immensely talented & gifted musician, songwriter, producer & artist!! Check him out!”

We recently had a chat to get to know him better.

How are you these days, Kaysien?

Hyper excited! My new release has arrived and I’ve been expanding into new spaces, learning more about my creative and personal patterns.

Tell us all we need to know about the new song Glass Ceiling What’s the main idea behind it?

Glass Ceiling is a magical bombastic track. It’s one of those that dropped completely unexpectedly out of the Ether and hit me like a lightning bolt. It arrived at an interesting time as I was moving through a deeply emotional landscape and guidance arrived within the music. Invigorating and energising inner strength is the root of ‘Glass Ceiling’ planted within a deep earthy groove wrapped in lyrics inspired by our connection to nature (as we are nature), consciousness and awareness.

Who is Kaysien and what is his ethos?

Oh man! An awkward 3rd person question…let’s see how weird this turns out!

KAYSIEN is the Spirit. The Traveller from the world beyond. The life force energy that exists as all of us. A Bard, a Storyteller, the Mystic and the Fool. The inner world folded outwards.

I seek to rouse or soothe the Spirit of listeners through rhythm, feel, sensitivity and meaning. A form of entertainment, escapism, that is channeled through integrity & my intention to uplift listeners.

With your family’s history of singing, poetry, interpretation and entertainment, I’m curious as to what is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Although direct communication wasn’t always our strongest method It was through their creative expressions that I observed and received the best advice. I interpreted it as this: Allow your nature, your true self to flow without restriction, bias or blocks, giving it away without want or expectation.

When did you realize you had the potential to be a musical performer?

From a young age. I was always humming or beatboxing ideas whilst entertaining my family. The first thing I wrote was a jingle when I was 7, I can still remember it now. It was about sherbert.

How did your music approach and vision evolve from your previous EP ‘Elements’ to your last single?

Writing Elements was an exciting process. I really pushed my musical boundaries and released myself from the constraints of ego. This shift has continued with my current work as I have a renewed feeling of creative freedom. My process is much the same, focusing on the core of the idea, the thing that moves me, and developing it from there. I’m exploring the new shape the vision has taken. My upcoming album will certainly reflect an aspect of this.

What’s it like to work as a writer and producer from the cozy confines of your home studio in West London?

It’s beautiful. It’s like being on a boat and watching the world change around you. From this position I’ve seen so much that has moved in society across the years, within the music industry and how technology has shifted this landscape. Large studios have disappeared, new options for recording have popped up, new found creatives tap into older genres, it seems a rite of passage now for people to make and release music, older creatives now have the platforms to continue creating. Remuneration for peoples creative output is still an issue but I think it’s testament to the beauty of human spirit that there is a constant ebb and flow of creative expression. My environment is pretty peaceful so I have the opportunity to reflect on these aspects as I follow my calling, which all affects and inspires my work.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? What’s next for you?

Ok so with the advent of AI, I think any music made with that method should have a disclaimer attached to let people know it’s AI generated. Otherwise it undermines and undervalues human creative output oh, and fairer streaming royalties!

For me my next goals are performing live with my band across the UK and completing the album I’m working on of which Glass Ceiling is the first single!

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