interview: FedStar shines with ‘Treat Me Right’

"Madonna and JLo have had a huge influence on my music path with their artistry, fashion, feminism, and the concept of celebrity"
19 September 2023

FedStar, the dynamic British-Italian singer-songwriter, is back with her exciting new single Treat Me Right, following the success of her 2022 track Don’t Let Me Go. This up-tempo dance track delves into the importance of treating your partner right in a relationship, drawing inspiration from FedStar’s own experiences. Treat Me Right was written in a remarkably short time and recorded in collaboration with GI Records, striking a perfect balance between a danceable anthem and a reflective exploration of relationship dynamics.

FedStar‘s musical journey began at the age of five, and she has since crafted her unique artistic identity through songwriting. Her talent caught the attention of Grazia Italy magazine, and she continued to evolve her sound while studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) in London.

FedStar‘s music is influenced by Pop, Dance, EDM, and iconic artists like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, resulting in an uplifting and positive vibe that inspires her listeners.

To get to know her a bit better, check out our conversation with the enchanting FedStar:

Madonna and JLo have had a huge influence on my music path with their artistry, fashion, feminism, and the concept of celebrity.

Hey there, FedStar! How’s your day going? What’s on your mind at the moment?

Hey Frank! It’s going great, thanks for asking! A lot of things are on my mind right now, one of them is giving an overview of myself and my latest song.

Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind your new song, ‘Treat Me Right’, and how it connects to the importance of communication and awareness in relationships?

When in a relationship, the only way to be ‘treated right,’ even when things don’t go as desired, is by fixing them through communication with your partner, which is the key to any healthy and long-lasting relationship. At any stage, fundamental is being aware of one’s own needs and what it’s fulfilling to restore the balance.

Treat Me Right is described as a danceable anthem with introspective lyrics. Can you explain your creative process for writing and recording this track to achieve that unique balance?

The writing process of the song came about from personal experience, the need to put into words a relatable point of view, expectations, and needs through music. Honesty at all costs is a key element, even when the truth is hard to accept. The urge is to unveil past dissatisfaction but also self-awareness and eagerness for a better future!

So, what’s the story or idea behind your stage name FedStar?

‘FedStar’ stems from the idea to combine my full name initials with my interest in astrology, especially the stars, which are my lucky charm. A shiny and glamorous nickname to be with me at all times.

Your musical journey has been quite diverse, from acting to singing and songwriting. How has your unique artistic identity as FedStar been influenced by this variety of experiences?

All of my previous experiences have so far influenced my identity, and so will future ones. I should point out I was also strongly influenced by different styles of dance training and work I did to date. Each single experience has taught me something that adds character to my essence. I believe an artist to be considered such needs to be capable of having multiple talents, so this concept always pushed me to learn new skills.

Can you explain how your musical education at BIMM in London contributed to your growth as an artist and how it influenced your sound?

My music education has definitely contributed to my growth and formed my sound with the training done in school. However, that’s not the only thing which has influenced my vocals. Most of my influences come from the music and songs I heard and sang all my life so far.

Your musical influences include Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. What aspects of their careers do you find particularly influential, and how do these iconic artists inspire your music?

Madonna and JLo have had a huge influence on my music path with their artistry, fashion, feminism, and the concept of celebrity. They embraced sexuality and used it as a tool for empowerment, challenging traditional gender roles. Their bold and daring fashion choices continue to inspire designers and artists today. Innovation and the art of constantly reinventing themselves are so powerful and have a great impact on my music.

You mentioned that ‘Treat Me Right‘ draws from your personal experiences. Can you give me a glimpse of the key insights or personal revelations that influenced the lyrics and message of the song?

The track in itself is a revelation of my love life, which so far has not been completely fulfilled. Definitely, my past inspired me to write the song! I want to ignite listeners’ souls and bodies, the desire to be in tune with the perfect match and to give and receive in an equal way. On the other hand, everyone has the right to love and live happily ever after, like in a fairytale, despite the road to true love never running smoothly! So, never lose hope, strive for better, and believe in it on a deeper level.

Your music is known for its positive vibes and meaningful messages. What emotion or message do you hope listeners take away from ‘Treat Me Right’?

I enjoy when the audience sings along with the lyrics of my songs. It makes me happy when people vibe to them. On stage, the main thing for me is, again, communication, giving messages through words and presence so that they fully engage and build trust.

As FedStar, you have a dynamic and electric persona. What are the influence of your stage presence and personality on your music and how you connect with the audience during live performances?

I believe an artist’s identity is the result of years of research and development, looking to perfect the type of artist you want to be. My music and sound have been influenced by the best dance music songs and artists of the 2000s that I grew up with; however, my persona keeps strengthening, getting inspired by what’s hot nowadays in the industry.