interview. Exploring the core with Jane N’ The Jungle

"The Concept of “Life of the Party” is about being someone’s drug and the downfall of addiction"
27 February 2024
Jordan White

‘Life of the Party’ and its intoxicating themes

Jane N’ The Jungle stands out in the modern rock scene with their raw emotion and unique sound. Their latest EP, Life of the Party, delves into deep themes like addiction and identity, making it a highly anticipated release.

In Jane N’ The Jungle’s words: “Welcome to the downfall of our happiness in the title track of our new record ‘Life of the Party’, about the multiple realms of addiction and becoming someone’s drug. Everyone wants to be the life of the party in our new EP and video”

At the heart of the EP, the title track Life of the Party offers a raw, introspective look at addiction’s seductive yet destructive power. Serving as a poignant metaphor, the song navigates the intricate realities of becoming someone’s addiction, setting a bold thematic precedent for the entire project, which fearlessly tackles the complexities of the human condition.

Jane N’ The Jungle approaches songwriting with a rare blend of bravery and sensitivity, especially evident in tracks like Dirty Dog, which confronts the harrowing issue of sexual assault. Their music goes beyond mere entertainment, aspiring to foster dialogue and understanding on subjects often left in the dark, thereby challenging listeners to step beyond their comfort zones.

Each song on the EP serves as a narrative window into different experiences and emotions. Metal Ghost pays tribute to the late Joey Jordison, channeling the raw spirit of rock in the wake of loss. In contrast, Wasteland explores the bleakness of toxic relationships, articulating a universal struggle for liberation and self-discovery.

The partnership with producer Chuck Alkazian has propelled Jane N’ The Jungle into new sonic territories, refining their sound while staying true to the band’s authentic essence. This collaboration has brought a fresh perspective to their music, distinguishing Life of the Party from their previous works and highlighting their evolution as artists.

The dynamic interplay between Jordan White’s captivating vocals and Brian Dellis’s expressive guitar work forms the backbone of Jane N’ The Jungle’s sound. Their shared creative vision, born from their early days as a garage rock band, continues to fuel their music, crafting a distinct and resonant auditory experience.

Striving to bridge their energetic live presence with studio precision, the band aims to capture the authenticity and intensity of their performances within their recordings. This delicate balance ensures that each track not only stays true to their artistic identity but also offers a polished, engaging listening experience.

The release of DIRTY DOG set a powerful tone for the EP, its positive reception reinforcing the band’s direction and setting high expectations for Life of the Party. This early success has fueled their passion and anticipation for sharing the complete project with their audience.

As Jane N’ The Jungle continues to make waves, their music invites listeners on a journey of introspection, challenging them to confront difficult truths while offering a shared space for emotional release and healing. Their story is one of bold artistic exploration, and Life of the Party is a testament to their journey, promising to resonate with fans old and new.

Jordan White

We spoke with Jordan White about the inspiration, creative journey, and stories behind this compelling new project.

We really try to embody our live sound as much as possible because that feels the most raw and true to ourselves

Can you delve into the concept behind the title track Life of the Party?

The Concept of Life of the Party is about being someone’s drug and the downfall of addiction.

Life of the Party EP addresses some heavy themes, including sexual assault in DIRTY DOG. How do you approach writing about such sensitive topics in your music?

I am inspired by emotionally charge subjects and it makes it interesting to explore different dynamics in topics that are uncomfortable and always like to try to be outside my comfort zone as a writer.

Jane N’ The Jungle: Brian Dellis and Jordan White

With a variety of tracks like Metal Ghost and Wasteland, could you share the inspiration or stories behind these songs featured on the EP?

Metal Ghost was written on the night that Joey Jordison’s death was announced on July 27, 2021 and is our ode to Rock N Roll and its aesthetic.

Wasteland is about being stuck in toxic relationships where you feel there is no way out.  

Having worked with Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, how did this collaboration influence the sound and production of Life of the Party compared to your previous EP Ocean Creatures?

We tried to hone deeper into our raw sound with Life of the Party while showcasing our growth as writers.

Your (Jordan White) vocals and Brian Dellis’s guitar work are highlighted as key elements of your sound. Can you talk about how your creative dynamics contribute to the distinctiveness of Jane N’ The Jungle?

We created the project together in 2013 as a garage rock band and have been the primary writers.

The record is described as an emotionally charged and atmospherically unique contribution to modern rock. How do you balance the raw emotion and the polished production to maintain that edge?

We really try to embody our live sound as much as possible because that feels the most raw and true to ourselves.

Following the release of DIRTY DOG as the first single and setting the tone for Life of the Party, how has the reception to this track shaped your expectations for the EP’s release and the accompanying video?

Dirty Dog was ripping the bandaid off of what was to come with our intense EP Life of the Party.  I think having it release together on a record makes a lot more sense in sharing the emotional world of the journey and flow of the EP.  We were very grateful for all the support early on with Dirty Dog and that made us excited to keep pursuing the project.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Foo Fighters

If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

Foo Fighters

Where have you performed? What are your favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

We just had a show in Anaheim at the House of Blues and play next in Phoenix at the Rebel Lounge on March 9th!

Some of our favorite venues have been playing on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, as that’s where we cut our teeth and developed our sound as a band.