interview. Dearth X Daggers: Crafting Spells with ‘Witch’s Brew’

It's a song about our life experiences with girls, addictions, the entertainment industry, etc., and how many of these things might seem beautiful at first but can quickly become a trap we never saw coming.
24 November 2023

Dearth X Daggers, hailing from Los Angeles and brought to life by the creative minds of musicians Chuck Daggers and Tommy Dearth, presents a sonic blend that pushes boundaries, defying conventions, and questioning the fundamental norms of music.

Their debut single, Witch’s Brew, is a bewitching journey into the realms of relationships, drugs, addictions, and the intricate web of the entertainment industry. Drawing inspiration from the eerie landscapes of scary movies and the suspenseful vibe of Ubisoft’s ZombiU, the track weaves a narrative of illusions and fakery, resonating with a haunting truth. “Ain’t no way out of this matrix, Before you place bets the game fixed,” they chant, inviting you to delve into a world where reality is as elusive as the shadows in the night.

Dearth X Daggers fuses an edgy aesthetic with a Pop/Hip-Hop sound that lingers in your mind for days on end. As you immerse yourself in the downbeat sounds, intricate flows, and detailed imagery of Witch’s Brew, you’re taken on a journey where reality blurs, and the boundaries of genres dissolve.

What sets this dynamic duo apart is their unique blend of influences. From Metallica to Billie Eilish, Hans Zimmer to Eminem, their musical palette is as diverse as the city they call home. This eclectic mix infuses their work with a richness that transcends traditional boundaries, creating a sound that’s unmistakably Dearth X Daggers.

Chuck Daggers and Tommy Dearth each bring their own strengths and flavors to the table, whether it’s the pulse-pounding beats of Hip-Hop, the melodic hooks of Pop, or the experimental landscapes of Electronic music. Their differences become their strengths, creating a synergy that is both thrilling and unpredictable.

As Dearth X Daggers rises and thrives in the vibrant musical landscape of L.A, they invite fans and newcomers alike to join them on a thrilling new ride. Witch’s Brew is just the beginning, a powerful overture to what promises to be an exhilarating chapter in their musical journey.

Relax and listen to the sonic alchemy, downbeat sounds, and intricate flows of Dearth X Daggers.

With every song, we have a different message; and with this song, we want people to think twice before diving into the deep end. Something that looks good might not taste delicious.

Hey, Dearth X Daggers how’s it going? What’s occupying your thoughts at the moment?

Daggers – It’s somewhere between contemplating various conflicts going on around the world, and where one can find the best taco.

Dearth – Haha – Our minds are all over the place, but we do have new content coming soon and we are excited to share it with the world! 

The debut single Witch’s Brew has a unique blend of Pop and Hip-Hop with edgy undertones. Can you tell us about the creative process behind merging these genres and the inspiration for the track?

Dearth – Witch’s Brew is a song about our life experiences with girls, addictions, the entertainment industry, etc., and how many of these things might seem beautiful at first but can quickly become a trap we never saw coming. We further describe this by using a witch archetype as a metaphor for the dreams we all chase. To complement this, the music was inspired by scary movies and games. The song was written to create a vibe and less about what genre it fit in.

Daggers – Yep!

The lyrics of Witch’s Brew touch on themes like relationships, drugs, addictions, and the entertainment industry. How do these themes reflect your vision for Dearth X Daggers, and what message do you hope listeners take away from the song?

Dearth – With every song, we have a different message; and with this song, we want people to think twice before diving into the deep end. Something that looks good might not taste delicious.

Daggers – I just hope we can keep writing songs that people can identify with.

Dearth – Yeah!

Drawing inspiration from scary movies and games like Ubisoft’s ZombiU is intriguing. How did these influences shape the sound and atmosphere of Witch’s Brew, and do you see yourselves exploring similar inspirations in future projects?

Dearth – When creating the musical undertone of our song, we started with dark instrumentation that can put listeners on the edge of their seats while still feeling relaxed with something to vibe to. The creepy piano and sound effects, similar to a scary movie, fit perfectly with what we were going for. This helped emphasize the meaning of our lyrics. 

Daggers – Absolutely! We will always be affected by the world around us. I feel like the best thing I can do is, find the truth and authenticity in whatever moment I’m in and do my best to express it. We never know what’s going to inspire the next song. 

Your influences span a wide range of genres, from Metallica to Imagine Dragons, and even film composers like Hans Zimmer. How do these diverse musical influences come together in your music, and do you intentionally strive for a genre-blending approach?

Daggers – I listen to everything man! If it’s good, I want to hear it. From Wu Tang to Tom Waits, to Dead Mouse to Frank Sinatra, and Anderson Paak. The list is long. I’m a fan of good music. Genre is not an invention created by music fans; genre is an invention of the music industry. Good music is good music. In the words of KRS ONE, “With or without a record deal all can see.”  

Dearth – Yeah, I agree. I believe we can get inspiration from all styles of music. The boundaries of genres are widening as time goes by, and we can take things around us that we like to brew the best song possible. Whether finding a new song on the radio, online, or in a movie, inspiration can be found.

The themes of illusions and fakery are mentioned in connection with ‘Witch’s Brew.’ How do these themes tie into the overall narrative or concept of your music, and are there recurring motifs that listeners can expect in your work?

Daggers- There is so much fakery in the world. In the song, ‘Witch’s Brew’, I say the line, “A lie sealed with a disingenuous kiss. I was distracted, spell casted in the midst of a capable witch.” I’m saying there is trickery and fakery everywhere, especially when one is distracted. 

Dearth – Yeah, keep your eyes open. We grew up in LA and you’ve got to watch out for yourself. Keep your head on a swivel. We write songs to teach, inspire, and sometimes just express a good time. While our themes may vary from song to song, you’ll always get a tasty treat with each song release.

You mention challenging expectations and experimenting with your music. Can you share an instance where you felt you pushed boundaries or took a creative risk that you believe defines the essence of Dearth X Daggers?

Daggers – It’s hard to answer that question with only one song out, but more Dearth X Daggers music is coming. 2024 is looking bright for us. 

Dearth – Yeah, I think this question will answer itself when more music is released. We are going to take you on quite the journey!

What is your method of fully immersing yourself in the creative zone?

Daggers- I have a rigorous meditation and yoga schedule, followed by hookers and cocaine!

Just kidding. Finding the zone and staying in it is challenging. I wish I could explain it. All I can say is I really like being creative. I get really excited when I know something is starting to take shape and it gives me the drive to stay focused and keep moving forward with the process. 

Dearth – Finding my inspiration is important. I search for inspiration before I even get started. When I do find it, I have the need to create. It can begin with a search for instruments that resonate with my topic and melodies that take this music even further. When Daggers and I are in the studio, we both seem to inspire one another with new ideas, back and forth. It seems to just flow out with ease! Energy drinks and coffee do help too!

What is a typical day for you as an artist?

Daggers – I deal with all the same life challenges as everyone else. I just have large blocks of time set aside where I get to transmute the mundane into something more. 

Oh… and coffee, the morning hours must include coffee.

Dearth – YES, COFFEE!!! We are always working towards our next goal. It is a grind. We are always creating. I do my best work in the late hours of the night, so I am always tired in the day!

In your view, what changes do you expect to see in the music industry over the next 5 years and what changes would you like to see?

Daggers – I think AI will help support the next music movement. I think all the tech we have still requires the creative human mind to give context. I think the music experience will continue to get more immersive for the creator and consumer.  Shit…I should have had Chat GPT answer this question. LOL!  

Dearth – Technology is changing and I believe people will have more access than ever to get their music heard. Nonetheless, the industry is always changing and an artist that wants to find their way to success must change ahead of it.