interview. Bromsen unveils ‘Someone’

"We really don’t like to be put in certain categories, like 80’s rock or sth. like that – that is all nonsense"
22 February 2024

A Bold Anthem of Authenticity and Independence Ahead of ‘Brothers in Mind’ Album Release

Indietronic Rock duo Bromsen presents with their latest single, Someone, a track that embodies the spirit of self-discovery and independence. Someone, Bromsen’s fifth single from their upcoming album Brothers in Mind, was inspired by Luka Bloom’s journey, the song champions living authentically against societal expectations. The Berlin-based duo, Richard and Karlo Bromsen, combine rock, hard rock, prog, and 80s influences into a distinct sound that champions spontaneity and individuality in music creation.

The visual aspect of their music, particularly the portrayal of Richard as the Statue of Liberty, serves as a whimsical commentary on freedom and evolution, capturing the band’s playful yet earnest exploration of these themes. While there is no video for Someone, their collaboration with the Brazilian dance group LUX for the Merryman video showcases their inventive and engaging visual style.

In the following interview, Bromsen delves into the creative processes behind Someone, the significance of their musical and thematic inspirations, and their dynamic partnership that has spanned over two decades. They also reflect on their return to the music scene after a long hiatus, their experience with the reception of their early singles, and their aspirations for their music and the industry at large.

Join us as we explore the depths of Bromsen’s artistic path, from the inception of Someone to their views on the music industry’s constant evolution. Discover the essence of their message: to live authentically and embrace the vibrant tapestry of life’s experiences.

We are Bromsen and our sound is the Bromsen sound, which hopefully bromses up some peoples life!

What inspired you to draw from Luka Bloom’s journey for your latest single Someone, and how does it reflect in the song’s themes?

Richard and I both love Luka Bloom and especially his puristic album turf. The basic structure of the melodies from Someone are pretty folkish and when starting with an acoustic version this sounded like a classic irish folk song in a pub, so there it was – the dotted line to Luka. When then elaborating on the text it became soon clear that it is a song of freedom in a sense that you should make yourself free from thinking in categories. That reminded me of Luka Blooms journey in the middle of the 80’s, where he was brave enough to restart his career reinventing himself under the artist name Luka Bloom.

Someone carries a message about living authentically. Can you elaborate on the importance of individuality in your music?

Individuality is a core essence of our music. We believe that music comes somehow from the inside. It is these magic moments when you feel that you need to pick the guitar and the melody kind of comes through you. That is nearly always the starting point for a song. So it is never like “OK today we need to create a song about this theme!” or “Hey we should make a cool 80’s song”. We did that sometimes 20 years ago and the result was never worth the time and effort. Accordingly, I would recommend to everyone > stop creating when you feel that there is no flow at the moment. It just makes no sense. Let it be. We really don’t like to be put in certain categories, like 80’s rock or sth. like that – that is all nonsense. We are Bromsen and our sound is the Bromsen sound, which hopefully bromses up some peoples life!

How does the visual portrayal of Richard as the Statue of Liberty encapsulate the essence of freedom and evolution in your music?

There is a romantic side to the narrative that you can become everything in the USA and that you will be able to let your dreams come true, when you only work hard enough. It has indeed worked out for a lot of people – just think of Arnold Schwarzenegger or also Luka Bloom. The USA of today are much different though, so our portrayal is meant half-seriously.

Bromsen’s sound blends various musical styles. How do you navigate combining elements of rock, hard rock, prog, and 80s music to create your distinctive sonic identity?

As mentioned this kind of comes from inside. Of course you need some input, so maybe imagine it like a fruit blender. All the fantastic songs which we’ve heard in our life are dancing around in our brains and suddenly something new emerges – a smoothie!!

Speaking of videos – there is no video for ‘Someone’ but we’ve just released a fantastic video for our debut single ‘Merryman’ which has been created in cooperation with the amazing Brazilian dance combo LUX

Having known each other for over 20 years, how do Karlo and Richard Bromsen’s dynamic contribute to the creative process and evolution of your music?

Most often good old Karlo comes up with an acoustic version of a song and Richard adds the magic guitars, synth layers etc, basically the whole arrangement.

After a hiatus following The Pampelmuse, what motivated you to return to the music scene and form Bromsen?

Richard and I were both wandering through the deep woods of Brominga near Berlin and we met in the middle of the wood. Then there was this small old man with a wooden pipe in his hand, who murmured ”Richard you know this is Karlo” Richard nodded and then the old codger continued “Karlo you know this is Richard”- I replied “indeed”. “You need to make music again and name yourself Bromsen”. Both of us knew that this was the starting point of a new exciting journey.

With your first four singles receiving critical acclaim and airplay internationally, how has the response influenced your approach to releasing Someone and the upcoming album Brothers in Mind?

The responses from the press have not really influenced us or our music, but we’ve learned that there are some great guys out there who make their living with writing about music. It has influenced our approach as with each press coverage we can add a name to our next pitch – so in our next pitch we will also say “hey you know what! We have been already featured by Fame Magazine!”

What was the first album you purchased?

That was “Bad” by MJ.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

Some really good vibes!

What changes would you like to see happen in the music industry?

The good thing about the music industry is that it is a constant change. The bad thing about the music industry is that it is a constant change. We ‘d like to see changes which make it easier for artists to make a living from their music, but we would probably not want to see changes which are taking away the heart & soul of music creation.