interview. Annakye: Reviving Rock with unbridled energy

"Headstart was a fun song we made up...We really wanted to try and have some fun with this one"
14 December 2023

Australian rockers Annakye have stormed onto the scene with a vigor that’s hard to ignore. Formed in 2021, the band comprises Cameron, Lucas, Joel, Carlos, Ben, and Richard. They’re not just a band; they’re a powerhouse of energy and creativity.

Headstart catapults you into a thrilling journey. The band’s musical fusion is an explosive concoction of high-energy and joy-infused rock, forging a sound that stands distinctly their own.

Annakye has consistently demonstrated their versatility with recent tracks like Ocean, Too Far South, and the beloved Reese Witherspoon. Each release stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to crafting music that resonates across diverse audiences.

But Annakye is not just about making music. Their journey in 2023 kicked off with a tour that set stages ablaze, and they didn’t stop there. The band’s creative spirit extended to the visual realm with the production of two film clips, adding a visual dimension to their sonic prowess.

However, Annakye’s dynamism doesn’t end with music and visuals. They’ve embarked on the Passion Pop project, a venture aiming to rejuvenate the Aussie drink scene. This additional layer to their creative endeavors proves that Annakye is not just dedicated to their music but is also eager to explore exciting collaborative projects.

Explore our conversation with Annakye as they reveal the essence of Headstart. Their commitment to infusing rock with unbridled energy and enthusiasm is unmistakable. It’s more than just music; it’s an immersive experience, and Annakye is poised to ensure that every moment is impactful. Keep a close watch on this powerhouse, as their momentum continues unabated.

Each time we do a show we totally make sure we are having fun and are ready to rock with the people

Can you provide details about Annakye’s latest single, Headstart, and how it contributes to their signature high-energy and fun-filled music?

Headstart was a fun song we made up…We really wanted to try and have some fun with this one and be more random and out there.

How do songs such as Ocean, Too Far South, and Reese Witherspoon showcase the band’s consistency and versatility?

We definitely jump around a lot with different styles of music…We wanted to play and write whatever we wanted and not be just stuck doing one style…We can open a show with punk then metal then pop , rock we just do what makes us happy as a band.

How has the band been maintaining its momentum in 2023, particularly with their tour, the creation of two film clips, and their involvement in the Passion Pop project aimed at rejuvenating the Aussie drink?

Each time we do a show we totally make sure we are having fun and are ready to rock with the people and we want to keep the audience entertained , we try to keep each show a little different and swap songs out and in , Reese Witherspoon is one the crowd loves to sing along to which is so awesome…We love it !!! Passion Pop is a huge one and will launch April 2024 with our song called passion pop . We can’t wait for that and all our new songs 2024. We just keep pushing ourselves writing , recording , film clips just keep heading forward no time to wait we all love doing what we do .

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

When I was young I used to climb out my bedroom window and go to party’s, drink and once I got taken to police station with a bunch of friends I think it was meant to scare us all our parents had to come pick us up . One by one we got picked up and my dad turned up in his dressing gown and slippers and he wasn’t happy let’s just say that lol a lot of swear words were said that night lol

What’s next for you?

We will be releasing another 2 songs at the start of 2024 and another clip. We have a few shows to kick off here In Australia supporting Spy vs Spy at Avoca beach theatre and Wombo Combo Ocean View and Newcastle Festival.

If you were a food, which would you be and why?

Chicken because it’s so tasty lol

If you were a drink, what would you be?

Passion Pop

How would you describe your perfect day?

Being at the Beach, listening to or playing Music with friends right now it’s 40deg in Australia and all you want to do is be at the beach or pool swimming it’s a hot one today lol