DAVE MCPHERSON1aMany Fame readers will know UK singer-songwriter Dave McPherson for his work with award–winning rock band INME. Recent years have seen the talented rocker turn his hand at solo acoustic work. With numerous solo releases and tours under his belt, McPherson is now tackling the folk music genre.

With a new album (Dreamoirs) set for release in June Fame caught up with him to learn more about this and his future plans.

Here are some highlights from our interview with Dave.

Hi Dave. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us at Fame. First up can we chat about your new album ‘Dreamoirs’. What can you tell our readers about it?

It’s my proudest musical offering yet! It’s a very personal effort & hopefully people will feel the passion I put into it. Melody is the core but I ventured into some fun themes too. There’s a couple songs that kind of go back in time thematically, a sci-fi song & of course, a cowboy song. Although the subject matter is dark in places, musically it’s quite playful.

How would describe your solo work to someone yet to hear it?

Honest, passionate, melodic, urgent, desperate.Dave_McPherson3Many of us know you from your time with INME. What is the current situation with the band, will we be seeing new material or a tour anytime soon?

We’re taking a year out to work on a triple album. We’re not really on the media radar these days so we just do what we feel like. We toured extensively last year & achieved a lot but it’s necessary to take a break & focus on other things. Gazz & Si are in my solo live band & Greg pops his head up here & there! We have very busy lives outside of the band.

Your touring schedule must be pretty hectic at times. Does life on the road ever get to you?

It has certainly affected my sanity! I’d probably be even crazier if I was in the same place all the time though! Over the years I’ve kind of conditioned myself to this way of life, it’s liberating & feels normal to me at the same time is feeling surreal. I woke up this morning in a bedroom I can’t remember getting in last night & now I’m on a train to Manchester! My mate who works at Sheffield Corporation got me somewhat drunk last night.davemcpherson2What is best for you as a writer. Working on solo material or potential band tracks?

I get a kick out of both & they both feel rewarding in some similar ways & some different ways.

You have of course utilized fan-backing sites like Pledge Music. What interested you in using such a site for your work and would you recommend it to other artists?

The creative freedom, the personal touch. It suits me down to a tee. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a supportive audience & I’ve been doing things with a DIY ethic for years so it’s an extension of that. There are no rules in this game & I think it’s better for the artist & the listener too. So far I’ve given my pledgers over 200 songs on top of the album, not bad for £8! I highly recommend it but some artists evidently don’t work at it to make it a special experience. I live it & breathe it every waking hour, I’m addicted to my “work”.davemcpherson1Will you be touring your new album later this year?

Yup! My manager & I have a similar philosophy when it comes to me on the road, “work him like a dog” he says! Loads of tour dates announced & no doubt loads more. I’m particularly excited about the full band shows as it’s incredibly refreshing adding to the songs in a live capacity. Ideally I want to mix & match full band & just little old me shows.

What about festivals. Have you any lined up, or perhaps a few you would like to play at?

Yup! InMe are playing 2000 Trees which is one of my favourite UK festivals. I’m playing 2 of my other favourite festivals but I can’t announce them yet!

Dave could you give our readers an insight into how the mind of a song-writer works. For example how do you go about creating a new track?

There’s no formula for me. I constantly put lyrics & melody ideas into my phone. I’m not sure about other songwriters but for me it certainly helps that my mind never stops & I think about things a lot, perhaps too much! I’m doing a challenge this year to write & record a song for every day in 2013, it’s actually one of the most fun projects I’ve done. Alike any constant exercise, you learn a lot about your craft.

Finally may we ask you what up and coming bands you are listening to, or think highly of today?

My friends Hey Vanity have released a stonking EP. You won’t regret purchasing that!

‘Dreamoirs’ will be officially released in June 2013, on Northern Music. The concept of the album is, as the title suggests, based around dreams.