Influencer Marketing: Consumer Perceptions & Top Influencers In The Fashion Industry


Over the past few years there have been many individuals who have become known as influencers on social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram. There are many influencers active online, with huge followings, in many industries but especially in the fashion industry. Being a fashion influencer on Instagram is beneficial as the platform focuses on visual content. Social media influencers can therefore share some high-quality photographs of product flatlays, clothing photoshoots, and their #ootd. These influencers can use social media to showcase the latest collections from brands they work with and give some advice to their followers on fashion choices and the latest trends.

What do consumers think of online influencers?

Organisations who want to step up their marketing efforts have taken notice of the influencers in their industry and the large following they have. Therefore, they are using them to market various fashion wears across the world in the hope that their influence would sway the target market in favour of the brand. Whether it’s photographs of rings or necklaces, some of the most popular luxury jewellery brands for men and women that have been showcased on Instagram include Cartier, Tiffany & Co and Bvlgari.

Most millennials have been influenced by a social media personality on the choice of their clothing and accessories at some point. However, there are differing opinions from online users on using influencers for marketing purposes. Research over the past few years has highlighted consumers attitudes towards social media influencers and paid adverts that they are being shown online. Some surveys found that sceptical consumer attitudes have made 50% of Brits avoid clicking influencer affiliate links and just 23% of people have clicked through to buy a product after they have seen it on an influencers blog or social media profile. 

However, many users feel that online influencers give unknown brands and small brands a lifeline. They help brands without huge marketing budgets to come to the forefront. In most cases, they have a unique offering that you do not see in other brands. Therefore, by coming to the limelight, users can get new attire choices. A large percentage of followers also feel that when an influencer explicitly states that he or she is paid by a brand to write the content or to showcase their fashion, it does not lower the authenticity of the content. They feel that it is good when they know it rather than hiding the fact and marketing a given brand.

Top Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Chiara Ferragni

(20.6 Million Followers)

Chiara hails from Italy, a major fashion hub in Europe. She started her career by running a blog called The Blonde Salad in early 2009. Today, she is one of the most successful fashion bloggers in the whole world with outstanding followership of 20.6 million on Instagram. She has remained true over the years, which has won her hoards of new followers. She has recently started a clothing line called Chiara Ferragni Collection and collaborates with brands like Calzedonia, Intimissimi and Lancome. In 2017, she was also named number one on the Forbes list of ‘top fashion influencers’.

Camila Coelho

(8.8 Million followers)

Camila is a Brazilian vlogger and blogger who uses social media for her career in beauty and fashion. She posts content in both Portuguese and English and on her YouTube channel she has separate channels for the languages. She is also very active on Instagram where she has a following of over 8 million users. Users visit her platforms to learn about the latest fashion trends for the current season. She works with leading marketing brands such as InfluencerDB and Revolve.

Noha Nabil

(8.5 million followers)

Noha Nabil is a top fashion influencer across the Middle East and the world. From her home in Kuwaiti, Noha has worked with many big fashion brands that have set their eyes on the Middle East market and people from this background. She is currently working with brands such as Bourjois Paris and L’occitane. She has been blogging since 2009 and she posts about everything fashion from luxury watch brands to perfumes and latest women wears. Her 8.5 million users are on her Instagram profile but she has a large presence on other social media platforms too. In 2017, she was listed by Forbes as one of the top ten most influential Arab women on social media.

Lauren Conrad 

(6 million followers)

Lauren Conrad is a renowned author who is also famous for starring in the tv show The Hills. She later decided to follow her passion in fashion and beauty and has been going strong since then. Her limelight on TV helped build strong followership. Lauren updates her followers on her fashion in a lifestyle blog that she runs. She has also launched her clothing lines LC Lauren Conrad, Little Co. for children’s clothing, and a fair trade shop known as The Little Market. On her Instagram, she posts everything about lifestyle and her personal life as well as content about her brands.