INANNA QuickFire Questions

"‘Multiverse’ with Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal is a journey to the stars and back."
16th August 2021

By Frank Bell

LA-based vocalist / eco­activist Inanna answers our QuickFire Questions and shares her brilliant feat. on Multiverse, the new stunning single from Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal from Placebo.

HelloInanna! What was the first album you bought?

Hello all! I don’t remember exactly what was the first album I bought (it must have been some Disney soundtrack or some other cartoon music cassette), but I do remember the first one I bought as a teenager and that made an impact on me: it was Dookie by Green Day.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I have always listened to alternative music, but I have also been a passionate fan of Middle-Eastern sounds folklore, and Bellydance. These two realms have made me who I am and I decided to melt them together in my own music. Among my favorite alternative/post-rock artists of all time: Sigur Ros, Placebo, Muse, PJ Harvey, Bjork, The Smiths, Daughter, Radiohead, Damien Rice, Skunk Anansie…And among my favorite Middle-Eastern inspirations: Natacha Atlas, Niyaz, Orange Blossom, Souad Massi, and of course legends like Fairouz and Oum Kalthoum.

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

Nature. Our relationship with our planet, the environment and animals. Since a couple of years ago, it is my main inspiration for everything I write. There is no more urgent topic right now than finding again a balance with our neglected and mistreated planet. There is nothing that can unite us all more than taking care of our home, planet Earth. I felt the need to make my music a form of activism for the Earth, and the inspiration from nature and all Earthlings never ends.

Tell us about your single ‘Multiverse’ with Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal?

What a fantastic experience it has been to work with two artists of such caliber. I have listened to Placebo for more than 20 years, and I saw Stefan’s other band, Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal, some years ago, opening for Placebo in Barcelona. I loved their sound but I would have never thought of being able to work with them in a near future.
Last year I got in touch with Digital 21, asking if they could be interested in remixing one of my own songs, but we decided to make a new song from scratch instead. And I am so grateful for that. Multiverse was entirely composed and produced by them, and I contributed with lyrics and vocals. This song is so cinematic, it’s a journey to the stars and back. It’s a homage to all the little particles, the events, and bits that make our reality, it’s a trip from the micro to the macro cosmos. It’s an orchestral piece with some electronic contamination, and I am so honored to have made it come alive together with these two amazing artists.

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year (2021)?

I have several new singles already lined up for release, plus I’m preparing a collection of my previous releases (remastered) with an added remix and a new song. I am also planning for new live gigs, even if things are still uncertain here in Los Angeles due to the pandemic. I am preparing a big live show with dance and visuals, a real feast for the eye, which I hope to bring to the stage very soon. Thank you for having me!





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