London based bewitching and smart, German/Bulgarian singer-songwriter Ina Reni, shares the perfect video for ‘Tiffany’. Reni’s brand new hot slice of her alluringly smooth pop offering…

Ina explains: “‘Tiffany’ is at its core a song about feeling unappreciated by your partner. But instead of making a “whiny” song I wanted to keep it sassy and confident. The song is sending a clear message that says: If you don’t treat me right, I will replace you with somebody who does. The Tiffany diamonds / luxury lifestyle theme is added to give the song its lightness back by creating some exaggerated, funny images. This is definitely not a song meant to promote gold diggerism…Me and the producer wrote the song from scratch last year in Inglewood, Los Angeles…We wrote and produced the entire song within a day.”

On the video she reveals…”Putting a giant bunny in one of my music videos has been on my bucket list for a while now, I m glad I can cross that off now. In the video the bunny is trying to steal me from my negligent boyfriend by showing off his extravagant “Louis XIV” lifestyle. I could have also just taken a normal dude instead of a bunny but where is the fun in that… For the music video I had the pleasure of working with one of my favourite cinematographers in the UK, Diana Olifirova. I just love her style, she manages to add a distinct flavour to each scene.

Being responsible for so many aspects in what turned out to be quite a complex project was extremely challenging. We had only one day to shoot all those scenes and I was directing, acting, doing styling, organising the logistics of the shoot etc all at the same time. Luckily, I had an amazing team that I could 100% rely on.”