‘In the Rain’ by Edie Yvonne is a journey of emotion

"I was trying to understand the emotions and hoping the song could provide some healing down the road"
14 July 2023

At only 14 years old, Edie Yvonne has already made waves in the music and cinema industry. Not only has she acted in many short films, but she even had a film called Kitty premiere at the fancy Cannes Film Festival.

The young and talented singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, just dropped her heartfelt single In the Rain. The indie-pop gem is a powerful song that really takes you on an emotional journey.

Edie Yvonne shared that she wrote it one night during a crazy storm in LA, as she was dealing with some intense feelings and trying to find solace. It’s like getting a glimpse of her thoughts and emotions during that moment.

With its awesome melodies, simple guitar, and deep lyrics, In the Rain shares a powerful story about finding peace within chaos. Nick Sweden, Cormac Lotta, and Rrose Productions teamed up to produce the awesome track.

Edie has serious lyrical skills and a deep insight into human emotions. She reveals: “I wrote ‘In the Rain’ after an argument with a loved one, processing the words, my responses, the fears projected onto me, the resentments, and trying to sit with those feelings when it’s someone you truly care about. I was trying to understand the emotions and hoping the song could provide some healing down the road.”

In the Rain is the perfect sequel to her spring tune Stain. When she wrote the song Stain, it came straight from the heart. It was inspired by her personal battle with people’s reactions to her birthmark. The song really struck a chord with her because it allowed her to express all those deep emotions through music.

Edie Yvonne, is not only dedicated to making great music but also spreading awareness. She even made a donation to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation to support the foundation through her song Stain.

She has been obsessed with music ever since she was little. Abuela, a famous Nicaraguan opera singer, inspired her and they often sang together, fueling Edie’s passion even more.

Her passion for musical theatre prompted her to give it a try at the Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her performances in musicals like Chorus Line, Cats, and Xanadu left the audience absolutely mesmerized.

Her unique sound is a beautiful blend of influences from artists like Mazzy Star, The Beatles, and Japanese Breakfast. It’s both haunting and vibrant, and enchantingly sweet.

Edie Yvonne uses music as a way to navigate through tough times and give strength to others who can relate. You can’t resist losing yourself to her music.