‘In The Rain’ by Autumn Jones delivers a smooth, peachy Neo-Soul sound

"The constant cycle of self-assurance turned to self-doubt and back again is utterly EXHAUSTING"
9 June 2023

Autumn Jones, hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey is been rocking the R&B/soul scene of Boston, NYC, New Jersey and Spain at places like Silvana in Harlem, Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan, Radio City in Valencia and Maplewoodstock festival.

She just dropped a new jam called In In The Rain and it is clear she has a knack for making cool soundscapes. In The Rain starts with a smooth bluesy percussion and is an absolute perfect mix of R&B and soul with a really chilled vibe.

Autumn‘s vocals are the star of the show here, while nice drums and meaningful lyrics focus on how life can be full of surprises. It’s a great track that captures the importance of this journey.

She says: “This track is about the constant ebb and flow of my life. The constant cycle of self-assurance turned to self-doubt and back again is utterly EXHAUSTING and makes me feel many emotions! I’m on this journey of manifesting my dreams, working closely with my angels and becoming the best version of myself is not easy. I feel so deeply about everything I’m working towards; excitement, fear, anxiety but ultimately I try to focus on the bright side of things. The music is my sunshine, so I’m singing in the rain.”

She’s got that smooth, groovy Neo-Soul sound with meaningful lyrics and amazing vocals – the combination of words and music is extremely powerful.

Pretty impressive stuff for someone so young – she even opened for Vivian Green and Jon B at the famous South Orange Performing Art Centre.

Autumn Jones‘ new single, In The Rain is the perfect continuation of her amazing releases. These include classics like Bittersweet, which won a Tracks Music Award for ‘Best R&B Song’ and Best Studio Sound’ and even MONEY HONEY MANIFEST – featured in a Pantene commercial all across America.