Impressive Debut: Trash Pals’ ‘Love Object’ EP in the Indie Rock spotlight

"We've developed a newfound commitment to healthy ways of letting go and meeting things with more accountability and (hopefully) grace"
24 December 2023

Love Object is a new EP released by American indie rock duo Trash Pals. This debut EP serves as a taster menu of four distinct tracks, giving the listener an indulgent sample of their rich, vibrant sound. Although the EP’s tracklist may be on the shorter side, the guys manage to cover a lot of ground in that time. Taking their listeners through a range of emotions, tempos, and topics in just four tracks, Love Object is a glimmering indie pop rock jewel of a record that will leave you scratching your head as to why you haven’t heard of these guys until just now.

The guys, Conor and Gabe, met during their teenage years at the tender age of 13 at a jazz camp, and have been close ever since. As individual artists, they’ve each got plenty of music industry experience under their belts, with Conor having worked with big-time acts like Miley Cyrus, Mark Ronson and Chance the Rapper to name a few, and Gabe having put his degree from Julliard to good use with artists like Jon Batiste and Joshua Bell. 2023 saw the guys finally combine their musical superpowers to create Trash Pals, and after a string of single releases, they finally formed Love Object as their first official EP as a duo.

‘’this EP is a collection of songs we wrote nearly two years ago while in the throes of grief during a time when it was honestly difficult to feel a way out; the light felt dim and it was easier to react to our discomfort than to sit with it calmly.’’

The EP starts with the slow and steady march of Everything You Do, an ode to an ex-relationship that you just can’t quite shake. With a moody, angsty vibe that can be felt in the spacey synths and poignant lyrics, this track gives us a peek at that grungey pop-punk sound that the guys dip into it here and there throughout the record. Specter follows along a similar vein but with a more airy, dream-like feel – the lyrics talk of a desire to leave the present and slip away into the past, with a ghostly love interest to attach focus to and take a break from reality for just a little while.

What I Want is undoubtedly the standout track of the EP, and incidentally is the one the guys say they struggled the most with.  ‘’This was the most challenging song for us to live through,’’ they explain. ‘’It’s about reacting to the pain of loss by fighting everything and being resistant to our surroundings, only to find that the source of anger lies solely in the sadness of grief.’’  Infused with a zingy beat, bold and brash guitar riffs and an overall more energetic feel, the song explores a heavy topic with an irresistible breeziness that charms its way into your heart. 

The EP concludes with Sunrise, a slow-paced bittersweet melody with simple storytelling; a niche that fits them like a glove. Echoey pangs of bass and even strums of guitar enhance the warm, comforting glow of this track, living up to its’ title.

”We’ve developed a newfound commitment to healthy ways of letting go and meeting things with more accountability and (hopefully) grace, but these songs were a guiding path for us to accept the process, work through our pain and trust that no matter how dark the night, the sun will rise again.”

All in all, Love Object is an extremely impressive debut EP from two dazzlingly talented young artists with huge potential for making serious waves in the music scene, and we are happy to meet them at the start of what is sure to be a very exciting journey for them. Check out Love Object today, and keep up with Trash Pals on streaming platforms and socials for any future releases.